Saturday, December 31, 2011

"I believe to be successful at anything you have to give it a 100% commitment and that is what I still do to this day." -Miranda Kerr

I hope you all had a very happy holiday and have a healthy, successful, and joyful New Year! :)
I picked up a couple of bits and bobs (as my wonderful friend India would say haha :D) from Sephora and Victoria's Secret. I also have a bunch of amazing things to post about in the upcoming couple of days, but I can't take decent photos tonight because I don't have proper lighting.

So this is my New Year's Eve manicure - it's going to be the year of the dragon, so I decided to go with gold. My manicure lady suggested this pretty gold base with gold glitter over it, and I'm loving it. I think my nails were gold for last year's NYE as well. I think gold is a good celebratory color, especially for NYE. Why not start off the new year with gold on your nails? Haha, as Spandau Ballet sings, "Gold - always believe in your soul; you've got the power to know, you're indestructible."

I wanted to try out these two Chloe scents (Love Chloe and Chloe Eau de Parfum) for a while and I couldn't resist these adorable little bottles from Sephora. They were super cheap too - only like $12. The gift set is adorable and it's a great gift for anyone who likes perfume! :)

I also ordered Benefit's Boi-ing concealer.

The Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale is upon us! I ordered some things online; the sale starts in stores on the first or second day of January I believe, but it's already going on online! :) I ordered four pairs of underwear and two bras.

Take care everyone! XO

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