Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Espadrille Haul: Valentino + Jimmy Choo

Summer's impending arrival mandated a fresh update to my shoe collection, and unsurprisingly, I opted for new espadrilles by two of my favorite shoe designers - Valentino and Jimmy Choo.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Style is much more interesting than fashion, really." -Marc Jacobs

Despite supposed claims of spring, New York's lackluster weather remains gloomily rainy. Thankfully, my draped AllSaints coat keeps me cozy and stylish. I paired it with Acne boots and a bordeaux Balenciaga, my baby from the Holiday Hamilton S/S 2012 collection (similar versions are available here and here).

Sunday, April 5, 2015

mad for matcha: chalait (restaurant review)

I must shamefully (but unsurprisingly) admit that I deign to be an insufferable iPhone-wielding brute who, upon gleefully eyeing various dubious assortments (are you seeing these green lattes?) placed before me by unsuspecting waiters, earnestly snaps photo after photo. An uncouth barbarian, I snatch picturesque plates away from protesting friends, vigilant to ensure that not a bite is consumed until I can capture their dishes in their immaculate states. Often, I outlandishly stand up to take photos of my food in the midst of bustling cafes, like the weirdo that I am.
That's right - no shame. 

Fortunately, I take solace in knowing that I am not alone in my affliction; nor is my fondness for inane latte art unique to me. Indeed, many others enthusiastically photograph macarons with their macchiatos, nonchalantly positioning their plates - you see, I know, because in these tiny, overcrowded cafes, all the overzealous Instagram "photographers" have the luxury of observing one another...and because Chalait is tagged in a fresh, new photo every ten to twelve seconds. 

Fastidious as I am, these elaborate arrangements are fitted neatly into square boxes in accordance with Instagram's now-cemented standards and doctored hastily to my liking. Of course, all of this tedious pinch-to-crop labor is only undertaken long after the overpriced cuisine has settled in my ever undaunted stomach. Thankfully, my tendency of going out for brunch (read: inability to cook at home) has made me awfully discerning, and thus, I am going to share my wealth of New York City brunch knowledge with you. First on the list was my review of Ladurée - the post can be found here

Today, I will be sharing one of the most Instagram-worthy cafes I know of in New York - Chalait. The spot is usually fairly crowded and not exceptionally large, but the traffic is fast-paced - surprising if you consider that most patrons spend approximately seven to eight minutes hunched over their tables, eyes twitching, maniacally snapping away with their phones...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Jimmy Choo boots, the perfect rainy day cure!

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Hi, everyone! Happy 2015 to you alll! I hope you all enjoyed a delightful holiday with family or friends. :) I'm enjoying the bits of my break that remain, which is proving difficult considering New York's lackluster weather lately. Given all of the rain this season, I've found myself wishing I had a pair of short rain boots. I already own a tall pair from Burberry, but they can be somewhat cumbersome and a little difficult to match with the rest of my things. Plus, wearing them means always sporting the Burberry check, which, albeit undeniably very elegant, is not something I necessarily wish to wear all of the time. When I saw these Jimmy Choos, I was astounded - they hardly even look like rain boots at all! These classy rain boots look almost like patent leather boots. I got them from Saks, and they were also at Bergdorfs, though the saleslady told me they were all sold out and limited sizes were available online. They are called the Jimmy Choo Jai rain boots :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Alexander Wang Addiction: Bags

I fell in love with the Marion a long time ago, but never quite made the plunge in purchasing it. Much to my dismay, the rose gold and pebbled leather combination I had coveted (and confidently put off, given its status as a classic in Alexander Wang's collection) became sold out and impossible to find. I scoured eBay for a long time before finding one and purchasing it, and it has since become one of my favorite bags. 

I recently got another (!!) Marion at the Alexander Wang sample sale in Soho at 151 Wooster Street. This little cutie is also black, albeit suede, and with silver hardware. At $225, I couldn't pass it up.

Another fantastic eBay find was this Prisma tote. I've been lusting after this one for ages, too, but didn't want to pay too much for it - I lucked out and found a brand new one on eBay for $400. The tote is sleek and cool - definitely one of my favorite bags! I also like the updated version, which has slightly different corners. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Restaurant Reviews: Ladurée SoHo

Being the morning person that I am, there is nothing that I revel in more than a delicious brunch or breakfast. The opening of the Ladurée café in  SoHo had me excited for ages, and since then, I've been a fairly avid customer. This post shall be a review, featuring photos of some of my favorite breakfast dishes and pastries, as well as the incredibly ornate decor of the restaurant. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

“I design like an architect. It’s a beautiful, distinctive art, and shoes are like the foundations. If the foundations aren’t right, the building won’t stand upright, and if a woman’s balance isn’t right, nothing else is.” -Jimmy Choo

Autumn has me on the hunt for boots, sweaters, and coats, and I've slowly been crossing things off my wish list...expect to see lots of Helmut Lang, AllSaints, and Alexander Wang in the next couple of posts. ;) I finally purchased the Jimmy Choo Youth lizard embossed boots from eBay, my new favorite place to shop. I originally wanted the standard leather ones, which are lovely, but I think the simple nature of the boot practically mandates the textural enhancement.


The Youth boot is available in various colors, skins, and textures -  navy suedecamel suedeblue/gray suedeburgundy suedepebbled light gray leatherleopard print, distressed leatherblack crystalbrown leathermetallic graystudded suede, and black waxed suede, to name a few. 

There is also a taller version and models with shearling or with rabbit fur on the inside.

The simple black ones are discounted at BlueFly and Farfetch but are available at full price from Bergdorf'sJimmy ChooNordstromNeiman'sSaks, and Net-A-Porter.