Monday, October 31, 2011

Currently Coveting: Makeup, Perfume, and Tiffany & Co. items!

I needed a photo for the beginning of this post, so I figured I'd post a photo of myself that I like. :P Anyway, I've decided to add a new feature to my blog called "Currently Coveting," featuring items/things I am liking, hoping to buy, or hoping to save up for. I will be doing these posts with certain themes, and today's themes are perfume, makeup, and some random things from Tiffany & Co. The makeup items are probably the only ones I shall be buying soon; the Tiffany items I am hoping to get eventually, and same for the perfumes. I always find it fun to make wish lists of things, it makes me happy and gives me motivation to work hard and save up money. So, without further ado, let's get started!

I've recently fallen in love with Tiffany's charms. They are quite pricey, but at the same time, they can be worn as charms on a bracelet or as pendants. I am loving the Eiffel Tower charm and the Tiffany & Co. blue box charm the most. The box and mug are also really cute and I think they make lovely gifts! I'm considering getting one for my mom.
The pearl bracelet (it's hard to see) is something I've been wanting for ages. My mom has this ridiculous superstition that you can't wear pearls on their own and you need to have something else that's made of pearls on. I love wearing my pearl studs, but I don't always want to wear a pearl necklace, so this bracelet would be awesome!
I really need new earrings, too, hence the silver Tiffany hearts. I am on the lookout for other stud earrings, as well!

I am so in love with Sephora and I am loving their new sets for Too Faced and Benefit. I want to try out a few of Benefit's products before committing to full size bottles of them, so the Big 10 set is perfect. I've also been eying the Too Faced brushes for a while. I have a Too Faced powder brush that is amazing! Plus, they're very pink and cute. The UD pencils are a great deal, but I am not sure if I'm going to buy them just yet.
Perfume is one of my many loves. I adore collecting different scents. Next on my wishlist are J'adore Dior, Viva La Juicy (in the special edition bottle above), and Benefit's So Hooked on Carmella. I recently smelled some of Benefit's scents at Sephora and became very enamored with them! I also love Chanel perfumes. I only have Allure, but Coco Mademoiselle is one of my mom's favorites. Perhaps I will get her that for New Year's and hopefully she will let me borrow it sometimes ;)

What's currently on your wish list?
I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween!


  1. You have such beautiful hair! Is that your natural curl or do you style it that way? If you style it that way you should do a tutorial. :)

    xx Joy

  2. Here's some other cute stud earrings to consider that aren't too expensive :)

    These ones are a little more pricey, but still very cute:

    Although I completely understand wanting the Tiffany hearts to match you other Tiffany items lol

  3. Thank you all!
    Joy - it's not a natural curl (unfortunately!), though my hair is naturally wavy. I kind of just wrap my hair around the iron manually if that makes sense lol!

    And thank you for the suggestions anon! <3

  4. Just encountered your blog for the first time! I love it! I love the previous post on the eye palette.. and the must have bags list! Can relate to your blog easily! xx


  5. love the first picture! you are so beautiful!

  6. hi!! your blog is really awesome, I'm following it :) I'd love it if you checked out mine too and followed if you like :) thanks! xo


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