Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Style is much more interesting than fashion, really." -Marc Jacobs

Despite supposed claims of spring, New York's lackluster weather remains gloomily rainy. Thankfully, my draped AllSaints coat keeps me cozy and stylish. I paired it with Acne boots and a bordeaux Balenciaga, my baby from the Holiday Hamilton S/S 2012 collection (similar versions are available here and here).

Sunday, April 5, 2015

mad for matcha: chalait (restaurant review)

I must shamefully (but unsurprisingly) admit that I deign to be an insufferable iPhone-wielding brute who, upon gleefully eyeing various dubious assortments (are you seeing these green lattes?) placed before me by unsuspecting waiters, earnestly snaps photo after photo. An uncouth barbarian, I snatch picturesque plates away from protesting friends, vigilant to ensure that not a bite is consumed until I can capture their dishes in their immaculate states. Often, I outlandishly stand up to take photos of my food in the midst of bustling cafes, like the weirdo that I am.
That's right - no shame. 

Fortunately, I take solace in knowing that I am not alone in my affliction; nor is my fondness for inane latte art unique to me. Indeed, many others enthusiastically photograph macarons with their macchiatos, nonchalantly positioning their plates - you see, I know, because in these tiny, overcrowded cafes, all the overzealous Instagram "photographers" have the luxury of observing one another...and because Chalait is tagged in a fresh, new photo every ten to twelve seconds. 

Fastidious as I am, these elaborate arrangements are fitted neatly into square boxes in accordance with Instagram's now-cemented standards and doctored hastily to my liking. Of course, all of this tedious pinch-to-crop labor is only undertaken long after the overpriced cuisine has settled in my ever undaunted stomach. Thankfully, my tendency of going out for brunch (read: inability to cook at home) has made me awfully discerning, and thus, I am going to share my wealth of New York City brunch knowledge with you. First on the list was my review of Ladurée - the post can be found here

Today, I will be sharing one of the most Instagram-worthy cafes I know of in New York - Chalait. The spot is usually fairly crowded and not exceptionally large, but the traffic is fast-paced - surprising if you consider that most patrons spend approximately seven to eight minutes hunched over their tables, eyes twitching, maniacally snapping away with their phones...