Saturday, May 17, 2014

♡ celine tricolor nano ♡

I'm so excited to share my Celine tricolor nano with you! It's probably the most exciting addition to my bag collection. I have loved Celine luggage totes ever since they first came out, and I'm happy to finally own one! 

louis vuitton curieuse wallet in aurore empreinte ☮

I've been itching for a new wallet for a while. The wallet I've been using is the Louis Vuitton Eugenie wallet in black epi leather that I thrifted for $55, and though I like it, I have learned that it's not my ideal wallet. Previously, I thought I needed lots of room for cards. But I don't actually even have a credit card. I have one debit card and a lot of frozen yogurt rewards cards. 
I figured I didn't need quite so much card space, but rather a convenient wallet for throwing in cash and just having a few easy-to-access cards. The wallet I was originally eying was the zippy, but I'm not keen on zippers (too much of a hassle) and I wanted something a little less simple. The Curieuse wallet was perfect for me. It has eight credit card slots and comes with a removable zippered pouch (which is so useful when carrying a smaller bag). The color I purchased it in is aurore, in the empreinte leather. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

♡ new shoes of 2014: Charlotte Olympia, Valentino, Chloe, Frye, Lanvin, and Burberry ♡

Browsing Instagram has taught me one thing - people are willing to spend big bucks on high heels. The amount of red bottoms I can count (wistfully, I might add) dispersed throughout my feed is almost unseemly. For a long time, I wondered if people somehow managed to walk around in heels all day. But no - after further discussion, I have garnered that people find designer heels to be a worthier investment than designer flats, and would much rather purchase the former. Alas, through much painful trial and error, I have concluded that heels are not for me. Don't get me wrong - I love a manageable heel. My Rag & Bone Durham boots and Acne Pistols are perfectly comfortable. I just don't see the point of buying lots of pairs of heels when I know they won't get much wear (from me, that is). A good flat shoe, however, will serve me for many years! I purchased quite a few flats so far this year, so here they are.