Friday, January 23, 2015

Jimmy Choo boots, the perfect rainy day cure!

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Hi, everyone! Happy 2015 to you alll! I hope you all enjoyed a delightful holiday with family or friends. :) I'm enjoying the bits of my break that remain, which is proving difficult considering New York's lackluster weather lately. Given all of the rain this season, I've found myself wishing I had a pair of short rain boots. I already own a tall pair from Burberry, but they can be somewhat cumbersome and a little difficult to match with the rest of my things. Plus, wearing them means always sporting the Burberry check, which, albeit undeniably very elegant, is not something I necessarily wish to wear all of the time. When I saw these Jimmy Choos, I was astounded - they hardly even look like rain boots at all! These classy rain boots look almost like patent leather boots. I got them from Saks, and they were also at Bergdorfs, though the saleslady told me they were all sold out and limited sizes were available online. They are called the Jimmy Choo Jai rain boots :)