Thursday, October 20, 2011

"To reinvent a newly impeccable you in the most modern of outfits, don’t skip on makeup and be sure to have flawless skin and hair. That will have more impact than expensive clothes.” -Karl Lagerfeld

I bought a few makeup items this month that I'm absolutely in love with.

The first is the Too Faced Naked Eye Palette. I truly adore every single shade. They all work so well together! Silk Teddy, Nude Beach, and Honey Pot are some of my favorites. I'm a sucker for glittery eyeshadow, but I do also love matte shades, so the first row in this palette adds a very pleasant diversity. I'm also hopefully getting the Urban Decay Naked palette for my birthday. I find them different enough to warrant having both of them - plus, I have two other UD palettes and I love the shades and their quality. I think palettes are much better to purchase than individual shades - you get a plethora of colors that work really well together.

Another really important thing to me is packaging. I know that makeup should primarily be about the product itself, but I find that my favorite brands (Urban Decay, Tarte, Too Faced, Benefit, Dior, YSL, Givenchy, Chanel) have really wonderful packaging. Aesthetically pleasing packaging makes you enjoy taking a product out of your makeup bag and applying it. I know that whenever I use my new Too Faced brush, I feel awesome because it's so cute!

I also ordered the two liquid liners about from Hautelook. For those of you who don't know, Hautelook is kind of like a sample sale website. They often have makeup sales - I've seen lots of sales on Urban Decay makeup, Stila makeup, Smashbox makeup, Rock & Republic makeup, Tarte makeup, and other brands. They also sell clothing, shoes, and accessories. The sales vary on a daily basis. If you'd like an invite to Hautelook or want to check out other similar discount sites, here's a list of the ones I use:
Gilt Groupe
Beyond the Rack
Billion Dollar Babes
Seen On
The eyeliners I bought are from Urban Decay. The colors I purchased are Roach (the brown one; it's quite lovely despite having a particularly unappealing name) and Ecstasy (a blue-ish purple). They were only around $4 or $5 each (regularly around $20), so they were a steal!

I also recently went to Laduree again and wanted to mention that they have now introduced sorbet and ice cream ($8.50 each, but you may also buy a box of four), key chains, notebooks, pencil cases, and other goodies. They've also changed up their flavors and added a couple of new ones. I went with my mom on a particularly bad day and their macarons rejuvenated me LOL! Biting into them is heavenly.

Have you tried NYC's Laduree yet, or have you ever tasted their macarons in Europe? :) I highly recommend macarons to anyone who has yet to taste them - they are my favorite dessert! (Maybe I ought to say food instead of dessert, as I could literally eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every snack in between!)
What are your favorite makeup products that you recommend? :)
Hope everyone is having a lovely week! NYC's weather has been pretty gloomy lately, but I'm excited to get some Thai food today :)


  1. yay, a new post! you should totally get naked, it is amazing. i only got mine a couple of weeks ago and i'm already in love haha. hey, a question: i've checked all of the sites that you use for discount designer stuff but unfortunately i'm stuck in the uk and none of them delivers here :( do you know any similar sites except for netaporter that actually delivers here? thank you so much xxx

  2. Are the Urban Decay liquid liners good? Love the TF palette, too. Definitely get the Naked palette!

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry Sofia! =( I don't know of any sites that deliver in the UK off the top of my head, but I will definitely keep a look out for you! :(

    And anon, yes, they are! I find them even more convenient than my MAC liquid liner!

  4. I have been to 2 Ladurees in London, three in Paris, one in Versailles, and one in Monaco! Their Ispahan and Divin pastries are my absolute favorites, and my favorite macaron flavors are salted caramel, rose, and milk chocolate. I also stock up on their tea "Jardin Bleu Royale" whenever I can, as well as the "Rose" and "Marie Antoinette" tea. I have a display of their boxes in my room as a sort of shrine! As you can tell, I'm a little obsessed.


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