Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"I don't do fashion; I am fashion." -Coco Chanel

I've done a lot of shopping and thrifting in the past couple of months but I haven't posted a few of my purchases, so I decided to make a joint post with today's finds (a Theory blazer, a Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt, a Theory sweater, and a Kate Spade cardigan) and previous purchases. If you're interested, keep reading! :)
I'm going to start off with my newest blazers. Theory, in my opinion, makes the best blazers. They have cool, large lapels and the inner sleeves are usually lined with a white striped material, which makes the sleeves perfect for rolling up. I like to buy the bigger sized blazers and wear them as oversized blazers (and roll up the sleeves), and I love the contrast that I get with the sleeves of Theory blazers. I bought two Theory blazers recently, so now I have either four or five Theory blazers and a bajillion other blazers. I need to stop buying blazers.

The above blazer is wool, and as you can see, it's a lovely dark gray with some blue pinstripes. The blue is hardly noticeable unless you look up close, but it's beautiful. The blazer is super warm, too! I got it for $12 - an absolute steal.
This is the second blazer. It's just a plain black one, but most of my blazers are actually blues and grays, so I could justify buying it. Also, I have a hard time resisting Theory blazers. The lapels and the inner sleeves are just too perfect! This was also $12.

The next item is another piece from Theory - surprise, surprise. Theory is just one of my favorite brands. The next piece is a dress in one of my favorite colors - a sort of murky, olive green. It is similar to the Tibi blouse I purchased a few weeks ago. I couldn't really get a great photo of it in its entirety but it has a sort of slouchy, albeit feminine feel.
The dress reminds me of the dress Anne Hathaway wore in The Devil Wears Prada:
It also matches my O.P.I. Stranger Tides nail polish beautifully!
 Okay, now on to one last item from Theory - a coral sweater. Anytime I see something coral now, I snatch it up. It's become one of my favorite colors. Plus, there's the added bonus of having more things to match with my Arty ring! I don't know how appropriate this shade is for winter, but I can probably get away with it in the fall and spring.
The sweater was $8. I am probably going to layer it over a Free People tank top I bought a couple of years ago:

The next item I bought was a wool scarf from Moschino. It's super warm and simple, and I really like it. I'm adding more variety to my scarf collection so that I don't wind up wearing my Burberry scarf all the time. I was looking at their prices recently and I was perturbed by the increases. Back when I got my scarf, it was $300 - now, they're a whopping $375!
I found this scarf for $25, but I actually bought it for around $1 - I had a coupon for $5 off, store credit, and I found a five dollar bill on the floor that day. :)

I've posted this red Juicy Couture hoodie on tumblr but never on blogspot. I thrifted it for like $5 or something:
Now, on to some pieces from Nanette Lepore. I got these a while ago and I didn't really take great photos of them, so bear with me.
The first piece is a lovely silk blouse. It was around $20-something and I am absolutely enamored with it! It looks yellow in the photo because I took really shoddy photos of these pieces, but it's actually a very light cream.
The next item is a cardigan. this was also around $20-something. It's being sold online here for $198.

Now on to Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs.
This top is a lovely, sort of cornflower blue. It has white ruffles along the collar and sleeves, as well as gorgeous white buttons. I love when buttons have contrast with the color of a shirt.

The next piece is a swim cover up. It has Miss Marc on it and I just thought it was a cute thing to wear over a bikini in the summer!
Here we have another blouse - this one is silk:

This post is growing to be extremely lengthy!
This tank top is from Rebecca Taylor. It's very flowy and girly.
I only have two pieces from Jil Sander, and they were both thrifted for a total of $4. I found this Jil Sander blazer:
Here it is with my cashmere Jil Sander sweater:

I got a pink Lacoste polo to wear in the summer:
Jeggings/pants from C&C California - I have these in gray, as well, and they are amazing:
A BCBG top that I'm not in love with; I might give it to my mom:

A cashmere & wool Kate Spade cardigan - it's a gorgeous emerald green color and it has a bow at the collar. It makes me feel like the holidays are approaching! It is called the Michaeline cardigan and it retails for $225 originally.

PHEW! I think I am done.
I hope you're all having a great week! I have a many, many posts coming up soon! :)


  1. When you thrift these things how do you find them for sale online? Is this just by chance? Or do you have a certain way of searching? I would love to do the same to see the original prices of the steals I find!

  2. On your nails in this post is that the Stranger Tides OPI?


  3. I don't thrift online; I thrift at local thrift stores lol. It's a mixture of having a good eye and luck!
    And yes, that is Stranger Tides! (In the pic with the MbMJ swim cover up, right?) :)

  4. Lol that's not what I meant. I mean after you buy it and bring it home THEN how do you find it online? The blue Nanette Lepore sweater is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. You thrifted it for cheap, then found it being sold somewhere else for $198.

  5. Oh haha, I just search what the item looks like. Like I will google "Marc by Marc Jacobs ruffle blouse" or "Kate Spade bow cardigan." Usually I find the item, but sometimes I don't lol

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  7. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog! Such great finds and beautiful pictures~

  8. Oh my goodness, when I go thrifting with friends, the best I've done is a Louis Vuitton silk scarf for $18 and a a Calvin Klein top for $14. How do you do get such great buys?


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