Saturday, April 11, 2015

"Style is much more interesting than fashion, really." -Marc Jacobs

Despite supposed claims of spring, New York's lackluster weather remains gloomily rainy. Thankfully, my draped AllSaints coat keeps me cozy and stylish. I paired it with Acne boots and a bordeaux Balenciaga, my baby from the Holiday Hamilton S/S 2012 collection (similar versions are available here and here).

Of course, no outfit is complete without a lavish ring, preferably a Saint Laurent Arty. These glittering, and heart-breakingly discontinued, oval-cut beauties are still available online, but only here or on eBay. eBay has quickly become one of my favorite places to shop - especially since you can often find limited edition items from previous seasons. For instance, the bordeaux/burgundy shade that Balenciaga released for the spring/summer 2012 holiday collection remains one of my favorite Balenciaga colors. Naturally, I was delighted to find a petite coin pouch to perfectly match my City bag, and bid like a madwoman to secure it. I actually got a pretty good deal - I purchased a practically brand new one for over half off! :) This is the Balenciaga porte monnaie in bordeaux.

The "porte monnaie" (French for pocketbook) conveniently stows miscellaneous essentials, perfect for, say, a fashionista on the go - or maybe... a chic drug peddler? Mine functions as a vessel for my new MAC lipstick and my all-time favorite mascara. It can also fit a passport, credit cards, and plenty of cash, though you might not have any money left to put into the pouch after buying it...
Maybe that's why they call it a coin purse!

Outfit details:
 Balenciaga City in bordeaux (Hamilton Holiday collection) (here with rose gold hardware)

I am eternally grateful to my beloved boyfriend, who suffered my disgruntled misdirection throughout the entirety of this hilarious shoot. We began our day in the scenic Greenwich Village, snapping photos along its charming streets.

 When assembling my arm parties, I usually opt for my Hermes clic clac, since it looks good with practically everything. If I'm toting my City, I like to pair it with my Valentino rockstud bracelet. Its distinct deep, wine-red hue complements the brighter bordeaux tone of the bag. Valentino's notorious rockstuds play well with Balenciaga's golden brass hardware, too. I love accessories and how they add a bit of splendor to any ensemble. A seemingly simple black outfit can be easily spruced up with some shiny jewelry, as you can see:

I've shared my affinity for Alexander McQueen with you all in the past, so my most recently purchased piece, the owl skull pendant in black and gold, should come as no surprise. This was actually my birthday present to myself, from myself! It is also available as a ring, which I love, too. McQueen jewelry pieces are so ornate and eye-catching that I find myself wanting a new skull-themed trinket every season - like this ring and this elaborate cuff, which are waiting patiently in my shopping cart for a sale...

Underneath my coat, I wore a dolman-sleeved, striped Alice + Olivia sweater. To further brighten up the look, I wore MAC's Viva Glam 1 lipstick: a dark, matte red. :)

Jewelry details:

Later in the day, we ventured to one of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan - Gramercy, specifically the outskirts of Gramercy Park itself, the only remaining private park in Manhattan. It requires a key to enter, a prize only available to the lucky denizens that occupy the surrounding properties, granted they're able to fork over the lofty monthly and annual sums necessary to retain membership in the gated grounds.

Alas, my key, along with my letter from Hogwarts, remains mysteriously lost in the mail, so here's a shot of me looking forlornly out at the trees. Another day, another key-less pedestrian staring wistfully at Gramercy Park...

It's like a jail, but you want to be inside...

The historic district boasts a variety of striking buildings, which have housed a lengthy list of notable residents, including Thomas Edison, John Steinbeck, Edwin Booth, and Julia Roberts. 

Dismayed by our lack of the sacred key, my boyfriend and I traipsed over to Madison Square Park, a friendly, public place that accepts plebeians of all sorts! Tragically, Shake Shack is currently under construction (as seen behind me in the picture below), which puts a significant damper on Madison Square Park's appeal. The park is fortunately always hosting exciting new outdoor art exhibits, however. Pictured below is Paula Hayes's "Gazing Globes," which features transparent plastic spheres. It's only on display until April 19th! Scheduled to be completed by June 1st, "Fata Morgana," an exhibit by Teresita Fernández, is currently being erected.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Putting together outfits, exploring New York, and taking photos is so incredibly fun, and I'm excited to share a lot more of my favorite things with you! :)

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a great weekend! xx

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  1. Great look! I like all black looks, very pretty sweater!

    1. Thank you so much! I love all-black too, probably because it's so simple and practical :)

  2. Madison Square Park is my favorite, there is always something interesting going on there. I love your entire outfit, the details and accessories are stunning!

    1. :) Thank you Raquel! <3 I love Madison Square Park too - the art installations are always very interesting :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! :D Sadly, they're invisible under my hair, haha!


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