Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Balenciaga x Ladurée

Balenciaga's iconic City handbag was introduced by Nicolas Ghesquière in 2000, and it has since become a cult classic, oft spotted on celebs like Kate Moss, Nicole Richie,  Gisele Bundchen, Nicky Hilton, Vanessa Hudgens, Lindsay Lohan, the Olsens, and Rooney Mara. Ghesquière's slouchy design was originally rejected by the company for its lack of structure, but the bags were used in the runway show so the models would have something to carry. The models, most notably Kate Moss, adored the bags, and thus, the Balenciaga bags we love today were born. 
I purchased my first Balenciaga in April of 2012, and it's a staple in my collection. The bordeaux color is stunning and I wear my Bal all the time. Lately, I've been fawning over the larger studs that Balenciaga no longer puts on their handbags. I found a brand new City bag with giant gold hardware in the color vieux rose (or old rose, I believe), and it's absolutely lovely!

Shop Balenciaga city bags herehereherehere, or here

I also finally got a cute little Ladurée macaron keychain! :)



  1. You have a beautiful collection of bags! All other stuff on pictures is also great :)

  2. Oh, I miss Laduree so much! The key chain is adorable. I thought about getting one in Paris, but forgot to on my way home.

    Also, I got my first Balenciaga purse over the summer, but it's a Le Dix, not the City handbag.

  3. I want to buy Rebecca Minkoff Handbags for my sisters. Can anyone suggest which online shopping website should i opt for shopping?

  4. Hi, is the light pink one "mini city"??


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