Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Joie de vivre...

Joie (Check out their site!) has recently become one of my absolute favorite brands. Their blouses are so chic, easy, and feminine. The brand is a happy marriage between casual and sophisticated.  Recently, I've gotten four new blouses by Joie and I am excited to share them with you! :)

From left to right: Eleanor blouse, Elvia lace top, Jenna B blouse, Calico blouse
Of the four that I got, these two (Eleanor and Elvia) are probably my favorites:

The Calico Blouse

The first blouse I am going to show you is the Calico blouse. The fit is easy, breezy, and sophistic-eezy. That's a word now. Yup.

Buy it here.

The Elvia Blouse

The Elvia lace blouse is probably my favorite.... I have been wanting a lace blouse like this for so long! The scalloped edges on the collar, sleeves, and bottom are gorgeous. I am dying to pair this with a pleated leather skirt or some leather skinny pants... It also looks fantastic over dresses. I tried it on over a pink Miu Miu dress I thrifted recently (saving that for another post featuring a bunch of thrifted stuff! :D), belted it (it gave the blouse somewhat of a peplum shape, which looked fantastic), and I can't wait to wear it like that to brunch or on a date with my boyfriend. :)

The back has a delicate button up closure:
Buy it in white, blush, or black.

The Eleanor Blouse 

This blouse is the Eleanor blouse. I was admiring it online earlier because the shape of it is fantastic. The shoulders are a tad puffed up and the sleeves fit fantastically. But my favorite part is the back....
It's not tied quite so neatly here but the quaint little bow is just gorgeous. I had been eying this blouse in solid colors but I'm glad I found it in floral - totally spring appropriate! :)
 What the back looks like:

This blouse is available in cream, a dark-toned blush, an orange coral, pink, hot pink, bright blue, and black. (All of the color names link to the blouse in that particular color.) I highly recommend this blouse - the details make it so stunning!

The Jenna B Blouse

Finally, here is the Jenna B blouse. Unlike most of my blouses, which are cream, this one is actually white. :P 

 Hooray for ruffles!

This particular blouse seems to be no longer available, but there is a very similar one available from Joie Soft (Joie's diffusion line) that is cheaper and has longer sleeves: see it here.

Check out Joie's website here.
I guarantee you'll find something you like! :)


  1. Love the lace blouse! I think it'd be great, if you posted pictures of your outfits, so that we could see how you dress and put your outfits together. :)

    1. Thank you! <3 I will start putting up more outfits! They will probably be not-so-great-quality phone photos though, because I am not very good at taking self-shots with my SLR and I hate taking it with me anywhere lol! It's too big and heavy :/

  2. Beautiful Blouses! Joie is an absolute favorite of mine(: can't wait to check out more of your blog!

    much love,
    Lauren xoxo

  3. Love the lace top!!

    patty <3


  4. Lovely photographs and some gorgeous blouses! Really like the Jenna B blouse, very summery and elegant. Might have to look into purchasing one myself! xXx



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