Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"The world is not there to please you. It's up to you to please the world." -Karl Lagerfeld

Happy Tuesday everyone! I've been busy with school lately, but today I have some time to myself so I figured I'd go to the gym, make a blog post, and spend some time with my boyfriend haha. I recently got two new Chanel nail polishes - Jade Rose (my first neutral!) and April. 

 I've noticed that the CC logo at the top of some of my Chanel bottles is thinner. I think the thinner CCs are for older colors, like Jade Rose (which is a re-release) and Particuliere....although I just took a second look, and my Les Jeans polishes, Peridot, and Graphite all have the thin CCs. Hmmm.....definitely a conspiracy. LOL.
I did an absolutely horrible, botched, and hurried job applying April, so I apologize in advance. I need to get a new top coat because mine is ruined or something. I need to reapply April. Lol. But here is what it looks like:
It is a very purple red. I have quite a few Chanel reds now (and I have added Rouge Carat to my wishlist - it's a pinkish, shimmery red - so stunning). I generally don't think buying similar shades makes much sense (although I still do it), but in my defense, red is very timeless and can be worn anywhere.

Some of my reds, and a Moschino necklace I wore the other day. :)
Here are some iPhone snapshots (instagrammed, of course) from the Chanel counter I was at:
I want a Chanel lipstick, but first I need to buy a neutral YSL lipstick .
I want Chanel Chance! <3
 Ze spreeng colletione - so fabuluzz*~

 My two new babies :D

 April matches my Le Pliage perfectly (it's a closer match than Rouge Fatal)

Some of my nail polishes (prior to purchasing those two)
Lastly, I got two pictures/poster things for my room. They are so classy and lovely! :)

I hope everyone is having a lovely day! Stay happy and healthy! <3
Have a happy February ;D


  1. I got Rouge Carat for Christmas. It's so beautiful, a little lighter than Pirate and so shiny ! I adore it. And I ordered the whole spring collection of nail polishes recently. I can't wait for April and June ! :D

    When you wear Jade Rose, can you take a picture of it ? My stepmother got me Tendresse a while ago, it's a more pinkish shade than Jade Rose and I thought I'd love it but I just tried it on today and I'm not convinced ... :/ maybe I'll give it to my sister and get Jade Rose instead. Or Ballerina. I always wanted to get Ballerina.

    1. Thank you for your comment Annie! I will definitely take a photo of Jade Rose when I wear it :) I suggest you google Chanel swatches if you're ever curious as to how a color looks; that's what I do haha. :)

    2. I have done that actually ! But sometimes it looks good on other people, and then depending on your skin tone it might not look as good on you, which is what happened with Tendresse for me. It's a lovely color but it looks a bit weird on me :( I definitely need to try Jade Rose soon though. Thanks for replying !

    3. That's very true! I usually look up swatches online and then go to a Chanel counter and try things out haha. I just put on Jade Rose and there is a swatch of it in my most recent post (I'll also add it to my Chanel nail polish swatches page on top). :) I LOVE IT!!! You should get it :D

  2. where did you get those posters?

  3. Love Chanel nailpolish!!!
    Those are fabulous colors!!!
    Wearing Chanel "Black Satin" nailpolish now... :-)

  4. I also love Chanel Chance! Love the pictures you took!

  5. Hey :) Where did you get those posters from? They're gorgeous!


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