Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Currently Coveting: Bird by Juicy Couture, Theory, Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld, Burberry

I'm making the introduction to this Currently Coveting post a photo I posted on Instagram today of me and my boyfriend haha. Today I went to the gym and did a little bit of shopping, but I showed great restraint and didn't buy myself anything! I snapped a couple of photos of things I want, though =P

I am loving this Bird by Juicy Couture skirt.

 I posted it on Instagram today haha
It's also available in black, but I don't know if I'm loving the black one as much as the lighter one.

I really liked this tank top from Theory, it matched the earthy tones of everything:
 This is another skirt I liked (also by Bird):
It has a very cute sort of floral layer underneath that's a sweet little detail.

This was a Bird by JC maxi dress that I snapped a quick photo of. This is only the top of the dress. I kind of like it, I didn't try it on though, and you never know with maxi dresses.
There was also this Bird by Juicy Couture cardigan that I kind of liked. The buttons are amazing and I love the cable knitted design.

I found these shorts to be kind of cute, though I'm not sure how much I love the color. Brown shorts are a good sort of neutral piece to pair with other earthy tones like olive or cream, but I kind of wish they were black.
I kind of liked this tank:

Before I go buying clothes for warm weather that is far away, though, I want to splurge on a couple of things.
YSL Lipstick in 101 
Hello Kitty Compact 

Dior Waterlily and Forget-Me-Not (as well as Chanel May & June)

 MbMJ Amy watch
Tom Ford Nicos (I am obsessed with these. Why can't I resist sunglasses? These are just so cool!)

And some other things - I made this list a while ago:
Here are some other random things I'm loving:

This is the iPhone case I ordered:

My boyfriend made us a chicken caesar salad and some fried shrimp for lunch/dinner. It was very yummy! He makes amazing food haha.


Your feedback is appreciated! I love reading your comments! :)