Sunday, January 15, 2012

"I wanted this, I wanted to do this, but my work is me, and it has to be right." -Oscar de la Renta

In this post I'm going to show you a couple of items of clothing I've purchased and the things I got my mommy for her birthday. :)

The first article of clothing I got was this amazing black top by Robert Rodriguez. I thoroughly adore Robert Rodriguez. I have a similar top to this one in white:

Top: Robert Rodriguez, skirt: Tibi, bag: vintage Dooney & Bourke, sandals: Loeffler Randall, sunglasses: Betsey Johnson

I fell in love with both of these because I'm a sucker for texture. The Robert Rodriguez top I just purchased is black, so you would assume it was very plain, but it is extremely interesting. The front is draped in a very cool way and the sleeves are absolutely amazing. It's a great staple piece in that it is a black top that will match anything, but it is also a stand-out piece.
The next piece I got was a silk lace print tank top from Joie. Joie is another one of my favorite brands. Some of their stuff is a little too hippie-chic for me, but they make great flowy tops that look superb tucked into high-waisted skirts, as you can see:
 The red Joie blouse above is one of my favorites. I paired it with black wool tights, black Michael Kors flats (not shown), a black pleated skirt from Theory, and my Chanel.

The tank top I purchased feels very nice. I love silk!

When it gets warmer, I plan to pair this with white skinny jeans and my black Prada sandals, and possibly a black oversized blazer from Theory. This tank top also has a cute little pocket on the front, which is a darling detail, though you can't see it in the photos :(

Friday was my mom's birthday, and I figured I'd share what I got her. I love giving gifts and searching for the right gifts for people. It's so much fun! My mom has been needing a new bag for work for a while, so with the help of my amazing best friend Audrey, I found her this pebbled leather black Coach tote for $52.
It only has the icky Coach monogram inside, which I can live with. In fact, I doubt I would hate the Coach monogram so much if they would just keep it INSIDE their bags. My mom had already started using the bag when I took these haha:
My mom was really happy with it because the bag is super convenient, and I was thrilled that she liked it. It's honestly a great quality bag, the leather feels great and the stitching is superb. I used to somewhat dislike Coach but recently I've given it a second chance, though I won't be sporting any brown monogrammed totes from them anytime soon.... Coach actually makes some decent things....and admittedly, some ugly things. But doesn't every brand? :P
I also got my mom a bottle of her favorite perfume. I know she loves it and she has wanted it for so long but she still didn't have it, so I thought I should get if for her. I want a bottle for myself eventually, but I'm sure if I really want to wear it sometime, my mom will let me steal a spritz or two =P
Also, hooray for birthday flowers!
 Finally, I ordered myself three v-necks from Everlane, just to have. They were free because I had credit for the website. 

 I'm excited for the weather to get warmer so that I can wear my favorite skirts. Here is a Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt I have, paired with my favorite Tibi blouse. J'adore this color combination!
I think I might order a new Le Pliage today. It's been so cold lately, but I want to go for a long walk and go shopping today. I probably won't buy anything, but it's fun to just browse, plus, I'll get some exercise and walk like three or four miles haha. :)


  1. hi, I know you live in New York, I was there a few days ago and purchased my Le Pliage at the Longchamp store in Madison Ave. It was on sale, so I pretty much paid US$97 for medium bag and US$116 for the large one. I think it was a pretty good deal considering both cost more than US$120.

    I love your blog, keep up with the good work.

    1. Thank you! Did they have all four colors for the large bag on sale? There is one I am eying in particular haha

  2. No, unfortunately they only had some crazy colors and the prettiest ones were navy and burgundy. I was looking for the brown one but since they didn't have and the price was that good I got the burgundy and I'm pretty happy with the color :)

  3. I love what you said about Coach! I feel the exact same way.

  4. those are some pretty awesome items!
    I particularly enjoy the red joie outfit you created. looks so lovely.

    i do have to ask, totally unrelated, but how is it you have reply to comments on blogger? did blogger decide comments could be replied to, or is this a third party java app?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I think Blogger just changed it, I noticed it a couple of days ago. And thank you! :)

  5. Cute outfits, cute clothes, and a cute gift!

  6. hey, just so you know, the big le pliage costs about 80euro in america they are sold way too expensive! btw i love your blog and the stuff you buy! <3


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