Sunday, January 8, 2012

"I like light, color, luminosity. I like things full of color and vibrant." -Oscar de la Renta

I thrifted a couple of things in December that I never posted, and I also thrifted a couple of things yesterday, so this post is going to feature those things, as well as a couple of others.
So first off, I got this C&C California long sleeved leopard print tee from Goodwill for $4. I thought it was a nice mix of colors and I wanted to add something leopard print to my wardrobe.

I got two other things from Goodwill, both from Juicy Couture. First, I got this yellow dress that is perfect for summer/spring. It didn't photograph too well because I didn't iron it prior to taking photos:

I love yellow dresses for some reason, and I want to get Chanel Mimosa nail polish to go with all of my yellow dresses. My favorite yellow dress is by Leifsdottir, and I need some cute yellow nail polish to match it. I kind of disliked Mimosa at first, but now I want it.
I also found this little Juicy cake charm (which I'll stick on my Juicy charm bracelet that hasn't been worn in years and probably won't be worn anytime soon), and though I didn't really need it, it was only 50 cents, and it was so cute!
Yesterday I made the best thrifted purchase of 2012 so far - this Catherine Malandrino dress. I love Catherine Malandrino; I think I have a couple of dresses and a sweater by her. This dress was so pretty and fit so nicely, and it was only $14!
This is one of the other Catherine Malandrino dresses I have (as seen on Paris Hilton and Blake Lively) - I have it in black:

Also from Salvation Army, and NWT - this Juicy terry swim coverup. I've been wanting one for a while, because I only have a Marc by Marc Jacobs coverup dress thing, and I found this one for $4. It's "vintage" Juicy - aka back when they had the gold tag and the color coordinated size tags on the clothes. I remember those days.......LOL. This isn't fashion-forward or anything like that, just something convenient that I don't mind getting sandy or wet in the summer.
Moving on to non-thrifted stuff....
I got this Vena Cava for Aqua tee, and it's different from my usual style - that is, it's a little edgier. I really liked it and I thought it was very cool though, and it was only around $20, so I got it for the sake of being experimental.
I also got these Juicy Couture gloves for $12. I have a gorgeous leather and cashmere pair of gloves from Blumarine that cost me a pretty penny, and those are my main gloves (they match my Burberry cashmere scarf perfectly), but those gloves are not for snow. I got these because I wanted gloves that I could touch snow with and not worry about :)
 If you know me personally, you may have already heard the ~*tragic*~ story about my Moschino umbrella. So, I bought the most amazing Moschino umbrella last year. It matched my Burberry raincoat and rainboots very nicely and it made the whole thing such a cute ensemble. Last year, I left the umbrella somewhere by accident for a couple of seconds, but when I ran back to get it, it was gone. :( I was so upset; I never lose things and it was so gutting. So this year I bought a new umbrella. It doesn't match as perfectly, and it's black, which is a bit gloomy, but I like it. It says "Count Your Lucky Stars" on top, and the inside is covered in stars, which makes it nice to carry. It's a reminder of how lucky I am, and how even the bad stuff shouldn't bring me down, because there are so many good things to enjoy.
You also may have noticed the appearance of these little Eiffel towers in a few of my posts. I ordered them from a French store on Amazon to decorate my room with. I love them!
I also got a cute little TY monkey. I love these things. And yes, my New Year's tree is still up. We keep our tree up foreverrrrr, not out of laziness, but just because my mom and I love it. I honestly would keep it up all year long. I just love the way it makes our living room look and I love how festive and happy it is.

These two perfumes weren't in my perfume collection post, but they are in my collection! :P I also recently ordered my mom Coco Mademoiselle for her birthday. :)
On the left is "G of the Sea," and on the right is "Jingle G." I think I'm pretty inept at describing scents, but I'll try my best. Jingle G smells like a warm vanilla, while G of the Sea is very citrusy. I prefer Jingle G, but G of the Sea is lovely as well.
 Jingle G was ridiculously hard to remove from the packaging. I think it's so cute that it can be used as an ornament once the perfume is finished! I love the packaging of these.
I am obsessed with the packaging of these and I want to collect more. That being said, I really feel like I want to look into what Gwen Stefani is doing with this seems potentially exploitative.

I'm definitely most excited about the Catherine Malandrino dress. It is honestly so stunning and gorgeous, I can't believe I found it! :) I will hopefully be going to Saks this week and get either the Prada sunglasses or flats I want.


  1. Love all your items, wish I could find good thrifted items where I live!! Can't wait to go back to New York! :)

  2. Love your finds! :) And I'm curious about your concerns about Gwen Stefani's brands, what are they exactly?

  3. you're turning me into a little juicy slut! i always thought their stuff was nothingbut tacky and childish and just plain uglt but they actually do make some amazingly cute clothes, like that dress, for example, which is just so so pretty. perfect for summer.

  4. Thanks guys! <3
    Mia - I just find it a bit odd how she has these four backup dancers who she "renamed" to Love, Angel, Music, and Baby and who she kind of acts like she owns or something, lol. I'm probably reading too far into it though.
    Sofia - I know a lot of people HATE Juicy lol, I used to be kind of turned off to it just because of the stigma attached to it...aka velour sweatsuit and velour handbag ensembles. But their actual clothing is really cute! I like their aesthetic and the way their stores look. They do make some clothes that I don't like, but they also make really cute stuff that is nice quality. :)

  5. I havd Chanel's Mimosa. It's so annoying to put, I always put at least four layers, sometimes even five, because the texture seems so watery and it's never bright enough if you don't put at least four layers. I must have about ten Chanel nail polishes, and Mimosa is the one I dislike the most. Well, I don't really "dislike" it, I still wear it sometimes, but let's just say I like all the other ones better :D

  6. Hmm, thank you for the advice about it! I suppose I'll have to try it out at the boutique and maybe wait for a different yellow. :/

  7. Love that Juicy dress! How much did you score that for?

  8. Oops, I forgot to write it down lol! It was $10 :D

  9. I love love love the Malandrino dress!!!

  10. The dress is gorgeous doll, You will look like a million $'s in it ;) I am just going to message you !

  11. You have the best find as always. :)


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