Monday, January 23, 2012

"Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable." -Donna Karan

Since it snowed, New York has become a dangerous place to be a pedestrian. Murky slush threatens to ruin your favorite Prada shoes with every step you take. Regardless of how painstakingly you tip toe through the treacherous terrain, some areas have a thin blanket of ice left there by lazy or otherwise incapable homeowners. Thankfully, the amount of such areas is diminishing rapidly. To comfort myself during these troubling times (joking, obviously), I purchased a new blouse from Theory to tide me over until spring, along with a dinky little key pouch from Marc by Marc Jacobs, as you can see above.

The key pouch, which retailed for $88, was mine for $14, which came as a total surprise. The tag said it was $60; when I opened it up, it was on sale for $40-something, and then it was 70% off. I thought it was going to be $60!
It is like a miniature version of my MbMJ wallet:

I am also obsessed with the color. It matches my newest Chanel nail polish and my Le Pliage, as featured in my last post. :)

The pouch is actually very convenient. It organizes my keys well and makes them easy to pull out. It will also be perfect to use with my Chanel flap. I never directly put my keys into my flap because I don't want to scratch up the inside, so this will be very helpful.
It's very tiny and compact!
Here is the information on the tag:
I kind of splurged on this Theory blouse, but I had been eying it for quite some time. Now I am eying a different blouse, this time from DvF, but that can definitely wait. (Let me confirm your suspicions - the DvF blouse is ruffled.) I put off purchasing this particular blouse because I was waiting for it to go on clearance, but it didn't, and there was only this one left, so I bought it.
The blouse is a gorgeous blush color with a very faint and delicate print.

Here is the information about the style - it's called the Olim blouse:

I got it for $90, which is a lot less than the $235 it retailed for, but I tend to get Theory blouses for $40 at most, so this was a bit of a disappointment. However, I totally believe in splurging on something if you really love it, and I really love this blouse. It looks very delicate and pretty. It will be perfect with some white skinny jeans, my beige Chloe flats, and my vintage Pierre Balmain bag. It just needs to get a bit warmer!
The Chloe flats can be seen in this post:
I'm also considering pairing it with one of my white skirts (a thrifted Burberry that I got for $12 or $13), as seen in this post:

I also think it would be cool to contrast how feminine the blouse is with something edgy, like leather pants or a leather skirt or a leather jacket. Perhaps something like this:
I can see it with many things in my wardrobe, which is always something you want to look for when purchasing clothing. Theory makes really great clothes. Here are some of my favorite Theory blouses:
These were all bought brand new, and for ridiculously low prices - from left to right: either $10 or $15 for the maroon, $35 or $40 for the light blue, and $30 for the lavender. I'm a fan of case you didn't know. ;) I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! <3


  1. more clothes should have ruffles...

  2. OMG beautiful items <3


  3. LOVE the key pouch!! Where did you find that?!

  4. Ooh, do you get $40 Theory blouses from Loehmann's as well? I don't know if I should check that place out or not!

    1. Nope, all of those were from different stores. I honestly seldom buy clothes from Loehmann's just because I can find them for less at other places. Like Nordstrom Rack has the same stuff for less, IMO. The pink pastel Theory blouse from this post was from Loehmann's too, and it was $100 and I got it for $90 because I'm a gold insider, but that's still pretty pricey. :/

  5. did you buy the pouch at a normal store? :) or like an outlet?

  6. This might sound weird but where do you get your hangers from? They're adorable! :)

  7. is the MBMJ wallet in mink? if so, does it get dirty easily??


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