Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Currently Coveting: Tiffany & Co., Juicy Couture, Longchamp, Prada

It's probably not the best idea to make the first photo of this post a picture of me straight out of the shower, but oh well. I like my bathrobe so it's okay. Haha. This is just a quick currently coveting post! :) I look icky but at least I'm clean. =P I've been using my Philosophy Cafe Au Lait non-stop and I love how I come out of the shower smelling like coffee.

I'm obsessed with sweaters, I love cream tops, and I love cream, red, and navy together, so this sweater really entices me. However, I haven't seen it in person and there are parts of it that I worry are awkward - like the random seven (what is that?!) and the little cuts at the hips. It also looks like it has an awkward fit. So I'm not sure if I want this one, but it caught my eye nonetheless.
I saw this skirt in person and I absolutely love it. I love the pink stripes and the fact that it's pleated. This is definitely a must-have for me. I also am kind of loving the Fifi tee, though I couldn't find it on their website. And I don't even like or wear t shirts apart from to the gym! Lol.
I'm obsessed with these scarves....they are too cute! I want both of them for spring. :)

This whole combination is perfect. I love the colors, I love how nautical it is......definitely my must-have top & bottom for summer.
I'm also really liking this bathing suit. I've posted these before haha, but they are so cute!

Love that this is striped and has an open back.
 Okay, no more Juicy in this post, I promise!

This cuff is, without a doubt, the next thing I want from Tiffany. I've wanted a bangle or cuff for so long, and this one is perfect. All of the other ones I saw were too thick or too...ugly. Lol. I'm just worried that it might be too big; I have tiny wrists. :( I also really want a pearl bracelet from Tiffany, but that's another story....
I need a new Le Pliage really badly to tide me over until I can get a Neverfull, because my Eiffel tower le pliage is falling apart and needs to be repaired, and my leather MbMJ school bag is too heavy and also not something that I can take to the gym. I love these two colors because they're a bit "dirty" looking and I've always been drawn to colors like that and shades that are more earthy. There is another color I am also liking that I might just order....
I want these in black. I don't even care how expensive they are, I WILL SAVE FOR THEM. Lol. They are too amazing. And then I'm not allowed to buy sunglasses for like five years, because I already own like nine or so pairs.

I wanted the Pradas with the nylon bow and the patent leather, but I think these look way more expensive and those look a bit cheap, despite costing the same amount of money. I'm not 100% sure which ones I will wind up getting, but I am liking these all leather ones more, because the nylon bow just looks a little childish to me (compared to this one). I still like it, but my mom pointed out that these were a nicer, more refined option.


  1. love your style girlie! you also resemble leighton meester a lot, you're both pretty!<3

  2. haha oh my god that 'swimdress' is AMAZING. i agree with your mom on the flats, those give a more kinda...sophisticated look. for some reason patent leather always reminds me of low class hookers. especially heels. even if they're louboutin. oh and god, i tried those sunglasses on a while ago and looked like a fucking idiot. it was very traumatizing. must have something to do with my fat face. my life is sad.

  3. Get a medium for the Tiffany cuff. I have it in that size and have small wrists you should be fine. I think it's a medium, lol I know it's the smallest size.

  4. Thank you Valentina! :)

    Sofia, you do NOT have a fat face whatsoever. The sunglasses just have a bizarre shape. I'm surprised I liked how they looked on me, because they're so.....round and odd lol. I like patent leather shoes usually but the patent on the Pradas looks cheap for some reason, especially combined with the nylon. :(

    And Channing, thank you for the advice! I will have to try them on in store haha :)

    Love you all! <3

  5. Why do you always post pictures of yourself here and on Tumblr and then say how "icky" you look? Just the other day you reblogged one of yourself and said something about how you need to stop posting such "gross" pictures. I mean seriously, if you want to post the pictures because you think they look good then by all means do it, but you should stop pointing out every single time that you don't have makeup on and that you look "gross." It makes you look insecure an posting them without saying that will surely get you the same amount of compliments. No offense, but you've been doing this a LOT lately and it just makes you look like you're fishing for compliments.

    Also, with all of those Tumblr compliments you answer, you should really just take screen shots of those and reply all at once because it's much more interesting to see several answers where you're giving advice rather than an entire dashboard full of "OMG you just made my day! You're so sweet!"

    I'm posting this here because I know you'll see it. You never answer my legitimate Tumblr questions, and I assume it's because they're quickly buried under dozens of anons saying basically the same compliment over and over again.

  6. I'll do the screenshot thing, lol, and I'm sorry if your question got buried! If you can, resend it. I try to answer everything but it gets very difficult :/

  7. Also, thanks for calling me out on my shit lol, I actually appreciate it & I didn't even realize I was doing it. I'll stop, and I apologize!

  8. The scarves are super cute!

    I've been wanting a Longchamp bag forever but all the ones in Canada are made in China, not Paris. I know the quality is probably the same, but if I had to choose, I would go with made in Paris, because I just feel so bad for buying things made in China.


  9. heyyy i messaged you on tumblr, im not sure if you got it! but my url is :) love both of your blogs girlie

  10. It's okay lol, I had most recently asked you if you have near you or have ever shopped at a TJ Maxx store. They're not as cheap as consignment & thrift stores but they have really great stuff for low prices. I mostly buy perfume and Betsey/Juicy jewelry there but they have really cute clothes by popular contemporary designers if you have the patience to look through it all!

  11. I have shopped at them, I used to really love them haha. They're definitely not as great for finding low prices, but they have cute stuff sometimes. I recently discovered that the TJ Maxx in Flatiron in NYC has like, AMAZING stuff. They had a bunch of Ferragamo bags, Miu Miu shoes, and a fair amount of contemporary clothing designers. I was amazed lol. I've heard of people finding Celine luggage totes at TJ Maxx for like $1,000 (which is still a lot obviously, but still) - which is amazing!

  12. those prada glasses are sick! you can def get them cheaper at an optical though, I work at one and we discounted on them last week when we sold them.

  13. What do you mean by an optical? Like an individual store that sells glasses? How much did you guys discount them for? :)

  14. I have that Tiffany's cuff right now :) a gift from my darling boyfriend!

  15. yes, private store that sell glasses (both ophthalmic and sunglasses)
    i'm sorry but i can't give a price online, but shop around and you will definitely get them for less than retail =)


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