Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Elegance is a physical quality. If a woman doesn’t have it naked, she’ll never have it clothed." -Karl Lagerfeld

Sorry for the lack of updates; I haven't found the time to be on Blogspot unfortunately. :(
Let me update you on my most recent purchases (excluding books). I bought a Milly dress that is a light beige and has the gold chains I associate with Milly around the waist. I also bought a Band of Outsiders button down, and a St. John jacket.

I gave myself a manicure today instead of getting one like I normally do. I have an Urban Decay Summer of Love nail polish kit, and I used the color Magic Bus:
I also decided to re-organize and clean my room today. I started by tidying up my bookshelves, though I made no major changes.
I decided to put one of my smaller LV boxes on my book shelf to give it a more interesting look. :)

Gossip Girl books used to be my favorite guilty pleasure :P

I am a huge Harry Potter fanatic; I have a shelf designated for all things Harry Potter
Voila! Here are the books I managed to squeeze on to the shelves above my desk:

I also had to find a better way to store my bags. Unfortunately, I don't have a huge, wonderful walk-in closet to fit all of my clothes/shoes/bags into, so I have to make use of all the space I can!
I realized today that I have way too many magazines lying around my room....

I had purchased some new things for my room this week, including this lovely Audrey Hepburn photo & quote:

I hung it above my mirror (sorry, that's my Juicy robe on the door lol):

I also tidied up my "vanity" a bit:
I purchased new hangers, as well.
Somebody on Tumblr requested a photo of my closet, and it was hard to get a decent photo at night (and to capture the majority of my clothes, too =/), but here:

^This is the section of my closet with tops and a couple of skirts. My jackets/blazers are in another closet and my dresses are in another section.

I also tried to organize my shoes a bit better. I took my flats and sandals out of my closet and put them on the shelf seen above.
New frames!

New crocodile-esque organizers! (And the Jean Paul Gaultier perfume case I use to store paintbrushes...LOL.)

To give you an idea of what my headboard looks like :)

I'll probably be doing an outfits post soon, so stay tuned! Also, I am going to follow everyone who commented on my last entry; thank you for subscribing to me and thank you for your wonderful comments! I hope everybody has a good night! <3 xx



  1. What a amazing collection you have here! following you xx Joice

  2. I love the nail color! And I should have known you'd have all of the Gossip Girl books... I have all but the Carlyles. What you did with the LV box is such a cute idea, by the way!!

  3. bazaar is one of my favorite magazines. good choice!


  4. Cute dress, I love your bookcase, I want one so bad :)


  5. Wow, you seem to have a great collection of bag, clothes and shoes .. ^^

  6. Oooh, I love this all!


  7. Love your Jacket and your passion to GG ;)

  8. Nice room :)...I love Gossip Girl too,xoxo!

  9. i loveee that blazer ur wearing! cute bedroom btw :D
    check out my blog too if ud like:

  10. Nice stuff !
    Nice blog :) if you like french fashion you should check out mine and maybe follow it if you like it, to be the first to know when I post ;)


  11. Nice room ^^ I like your Louis Vuitton bag ^^
    Following you for a long time ^^ Keep blogging ^^

  12. your room is pretty :)


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