Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Beauty can come from the strangest of places, even the most disgusting of places." -Alexander McQueen

Today I finally got to visit the Met to see Savage Beauty!

What I wore:
Theory oversized blazer, DvF dress, Tiffany & Co. key necklace, LV speedy, fork bracelet, and my trusty Chloe flats:
The fork bracelet is something I bought years and years ago from a street vendor near the Met - it's a really cool cuff made out of a fork. The guy who was selling them had made so many astounding things out of forks!
What was in my bag today:
Fendi sunglasses, Carlos Falchi makeup pouch, iPod with Kate Spade case, Jouer lip gloss, LV agenda, MbMJ wallet, Tic Tacs, L'Occitane hand cream
They didn't allow any photography inside the McQueen exhibit unfortunately, which made me feel like this:
The lines were super long later in the day, but thankfully my mom and I got there earlier and were able to just walk right in. I expected to go in at least once again, but that proved impossible, as we would have had to wait for over an hour on line.
EVERYTHING WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. The clothes, the beading, the intricate work....it was extremely breathtaking. There were a lot of pieces from the Plato's Atlantis collection, which is my favorite. There were also a lot of beautiful The Girl Who Lived in the Tree pieces. Lee McQueen's quotes were everywhere, as well. There were videos, headpieces by Phillip Treacy for McQueen (so beautiful!), and they had a clip of the Kate Moss hologram. I can't aptly describe this exhibit. I recommend that you all go! Everything was perfect; the hordes of people were the only downfall.
I grabbed some shrimp/clam chowder at the cafeteria, and a salad:
My mother and I also split a Crumbs dulce de leche cupcake:
It was a very heavenly cupcake.
My favorite exhibits (the ones with all of the beautiful old furniture) were closed for some reason, so we really didn't stick around much. I've been visiting the Met at least twice a year every year since I was little, so I pretty much have seen everything many, many times.

Now, on to the goodies I picked up! The shoe ornament was sold out, but I'm thinking I might order it online, along with maybe a big McQueen book and an Anglomania book (Anglomania was my other favorite exhibit).
I wonder what's in the bag...:P
I got a plain black Savage Beauty t shirt, just for the novelty of it. Oh! At the gift shop my mom and I met Vyacheslav Zaitsev (Slava Zaitsev), who is apparently Russia's most famous fashion designer. *Adds him to list of designers I've met, which include Manolo Blahnik and Alexander Wang, among others* We were like "Oh hai." Except in Russian. He was nice! :)
Okay, moving on. I bought Plato's Atlantis pencils. Because you never know when you'll need a pencil. And they were so beautiful! They were, like, $16.00.....which is ridiculous. But I saw them and I fell in love :(
I also bought myself a new lipstick pen. Because you never know when you'll need a pen that can be disguised as lipstick. Here it is standing next to my Marc Jacobs lipstick pen.
Then my mom and I walked down 5th avenue along Central Park and we went to Barneys. I tried on cat eye sunglasses from Chloe and Chanel and I am IN LOVE. NECESITO AHORA POR FAVOR. We also looked at various Balenciagas, the PS1, and Celine bags.
Then we went to Bloomingdale's and I tried on some stuff from Tibi/Alice + Olivia/Leifsdottir, but I didn't buy anything. I was tempted to get Chloe perfume but I didn't.
My sunglasses saved my life today. Sunglasses are seriously the most useful things ever. 
Now I am exceptionally tired, as you can see by my icky face:
IF YOU LIVE IN NEW YORK, GET YOUR BUTT TO THE MET. (This is a public service announcement.)


  1. I like your chloe flats! :p Comfy?

  2. Thank you darling! They're pretty comfy, but after walking from like east 86th to 59th (AND two more miles later), they started to dig in a little bit. :/ But that's probably because I'm in the process of breaking them in :)

  3. Nice blog do you have!


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  6. How much are the marc jacobs pens? They are soo nice!!

  7. They're really cheap! I think they're like $2? There is a Marc Jacobs store in NYC that has a bunch of little MJ goodies that are really cheap :) I believe the one I purchases the pen from was on Bleecker street, if that helps.

  8. Yeah it does help.. but I heard its all sold out! I will check it out! Thanks hun u have impeccable style!!! :)


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