Saturday, May 17, 2014

louis vuitton curieuse wallet in aurore empreinte ☮

I've been itching for a new wallet for a while. The wallet I've been using is the Louis Vuitton Eugenie wallet in black epi leather that I thrifted for $55, and though I like it, I have learned that it's not my ideal wallet. Previously, I thought I needed lots of room for cards. But I don't actually even have a credit card. I have one debit card and a lot of frozen yogurt rewards cards. 
I figured I didn't need quite so much card space, but rather a convenient wallet for throwing in cash and just having a few easy-to-access cards. The wallet I was originally eying was the zippy, but I'm not keen on zippers (too much of a hassle) and I wanted something a little less simple. The Curieuse wallet was perfect for me. It has eight credit card slots and comes with a removable zippered pouch (which is so useful when carrying a smaller bag). The color I purchased it in is aurore, in the empreinte leather. 

This wallet easily fits into the Celine Nano.

 The Aurore color matches my Balenciaga city in bordeaux hamilton leather beautifully.
pictured with my agenda and Kate Spade iPhone case (love this one too)
 The color matches my McQueen flats, too!

 Next to my best friend Audrey's MbMJ Classic Q Trifold wallet

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