Thursday, October 11, 2012

"I hate leisure, except reading. I'm really a person made to work, if sketching is considered work." -Karl Lagerfeld

As I put together this post, I can't help but steal glances at my new Acne boots. They are propped up in front of me atop their box, untouched and unworn, waiting to be taken around the streets of New York. They've yet to click-clack down the gritty cement sidewalks; they've yet to wobble around the cobblestone roads of SoHo. I can't wait to break in the supple leather and make these my own.

These boots are available from: Shopbop | MyTheresa | Farfetch | Matches | My-Wardrobe | Net-A-Porter

I love the font that Acne uses for their logo.

These boots are surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in, despite the 2 3/4 inch heel. I would say they fit true to size. I highly recommend them! You can buy them from Shopbop | MyTheresa | Farfetch | Matches | My-Wardrobe | Net-A-Porter :)


  1. Looks like you've been buying some amazing boots this year between the Rag&Bone pair and these!

  2. Boots look chic. I was just wondering how long can one walk in the heels though. I've been trying to decide between one with such a heel height and a pair of flat boots.
    I'll wait for your reviews after New York I guess :)

    1. They are pretty comfortable as far as heels go, and I am a very bad heel-wearer in that I can't stand to be in them for more than a very short period of time. I try to avoid walking long distances in them because after a while they can get a tad uncomfortable, but that may also be because I have yet to properly break them in. A flat boot will definitely be easier to walk in but if you are fine in low heels, these should be totally fine as well. :)

  3. love this! and love the blog! can't wait to read more, girl.

    love, rach.

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