Monday, September 24, 2012

Currently Coveting: My Fall Shopping List

My fall/winter shopping list has been in the works for quite some time. I mostly want to purchase accessories, bags, and shoes. Go behind the cut to see my wishlist! :)

1. Alexander McQueen Skull flats
Available from: Net-A-Porter
| Luisa Via Roma | Bergdorf Goodman | Zappos | Neiman Marcus
These flats are absolutely perfect for fall. I love burgundy, skulls, and gold these are the perfect flats for me! They also match my Balenciaga very nicely. :)

2. Acne Pistol BootsAvailable from: Shopbop | MyTheresa | Farfetch | Matches | My-Wardrobe | Net-A-Porter

These boots are not only incredibly cute - they are also very comfortable, especially considering they have a 2 3/4 inch heel! They are very chic and I think they will match a lot of things very easily - including skirts, dresses, shorts, jeans, and pants. I don't have any black booties, so these are a good basic piece to invest in!

3. Rag & Bone Durham Chelsea BootsAvailable from: Neiman Marcus ShopBop | Ssense | Net-A-Porter
I originally wanted these in gray but now I think I want them in olive/brown. Despite their heel, they are very comfortable and manageable to walk in. I think they'll be a nice option to add to my boot wardrobe.

4. Valentino Lace Loafers
Available from: JilDor Shoes | Bergdorf Goodman | Nordstrom | Neiman Marcus | Net-A-Porter
I've been wanting loafers/smoking slippers for many months now, and I think I've finally settled on these Valentinos. The loafer look is very menswear but the lace is very feminine, and very Valentino.

5. Chanel Aviator SunglassesAvailable at Chanel Boutiques

Considering I own way too many pairs of sunglasses, I probably shouldn't even be looking at them, but the fact remains that sunglasses are among my favorite accessories! I don't have any aviators, and these Chanel aviators are perfect. They suit my face shape well and I love the subtle quilting!

6. Hermes Clic H bracelet(s)Available from: Hermes boutiques and
I've loved these Hermes bracelets for a while, and I've decided to get two of them. I saw the thick orange one on someone during Fashion's Night Out and I thought it looked amazing! The black thin one is a classic. I'd love to have both, but realistically I will probably only get one this year, if at all.
7. Louis Vuitton Neverfull (Mon Monogram)Available from: Louis Vuitton boutiques and
The Neverfull has been on my wishlist for quite some time and I finally need to buckle down and save up for it.
I didn't like this bag much at first, but recently I've fallen in love with it. It's very simple but the studs make it very cool. I want it with black pebbled leather and rose gold hardware. This bag seems like the perfect thing to grab when you're just wearing something casual. I envision wearing it with skinny jeans, the aforementioned Acne booties, a loose-fitting tee or tank, a draped leather jacket from Helmut Lang (also on my wishlist!), my Alexander McQueen scarf, the aforementioned Chanel aviators, and a bunch of cool rings!

9. Miu Miu French PurseAvailable from:
 So far, my Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet is holding up pretty well. I would, however, love a new wallet. If I decide to buy a new wallet, this is probably what I will get. I love the style of French purse wallets and I find them to be very convenient.

 10. Tiffany & Co. bangle and heart necklace
Available from: Tiffany & Co. stores and  
 This bangle will be perfect to stack with my heart tag bracelet, and the necklace is just a cute little thing to wear on casual days. I want it on a somewhat long chain.

11. Chanel nail polishThese colors are only available at Chanel boutiques or
Chanel's FNO colors are amazing, as is Sky Line. I shall undoubtedly be making several makeup purchases from Chanel, but these are first on my list! If you follow me on Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram, you may have already seen these. (I recently got them but have yet to make a blog post!)

12. Miu Miu leather bracelet Available from: Net-A-Porter
 I've been loving these bracelets for a while; I think I want a pink one! :)

13. NastyGal ringsAvailable from: NastyGal

I actually already ordered all of this stuff and shall feature it in an upcoming blog post, albeit without the first ring, as it was sold out and I didn't receive it. :(

I will also probably be making a fall clothing wishlist soon! I hope you enjoyed this post. :) What is on your fall shopping list? 
Have a fabulous day or night!
xo Yana


  1. this is an amazing wishlist! if only i had a money tree =)

  2. The Valentino loafers are amazing! I've been wanting a black pair for a long time. Good luck getting everything on your wishlist!

  3. OMG the Alexander Wang bag is to die for!

  4. I forgot how fabulous the Neverfull is until now...and seeing it monogrammed...I NEED to get it soon ;)

  5. I LOVE this look of your blog and them boots look fab!I want hehe I'm definitely your newest follower hehe
    Fancy taking a peek at mine and follow back please??


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