Friday, July 6, 2012

"I think 'modesty' is a beautiful word today - and a beautiful attitude." -Alber Elbaz

  Blue boxes never fail to elicit squeals of delight. This particular kind of blue box is my first venture into the wonderful world of Lanvin shoes. These espadrille sandals were a gift from my mommy, so thank you mom! :) I really appreciate these gorgeous sandals. 

After a humorous interaction with the FedEx guy, I rushed to my room to open this box. I thought the "Pilfer Proof Tape" was pretty funny, since I think "pilfer" is a comical-sounding word. The tape proved to be very tough!

There's nothing quite like Barneys gift wrap :)
What a sweet little message! :)

This is what they look like on me (please excuse the awkward tan - I have my love of ballerina flats to thank for that :P).

They are extremely comfortable and cute. You can buy them from Barneys; they come in three colors, all of which are really cute!
I am so excited to wear these! :) I hope you are all doing well! <3


  1. Lovely sandals for the summer! I love the cute bows :) xx

  2. Adorable! Just perfect for summer. And oh how i love the lanvin packaging - so beautiful.

    Hope you're having an amazing summer so far!


    - v

  3. Oh my, what a nice mum you have! Lovely shoes! ^^

  4. This is the next best thing to getting a Tiffany's blue box. When a company and store works so hard paying attention to the detailing of the packaging, you know the product is going to be the highest quality. Love the shoes!

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  7. The beige-y color is on sale at Barneys Warehouse's Sale!

    I do prefer your black ones though. :)

  8. So are the dark green ones!

  9. Wow nice!!! I found some nice flip flops in Chanel too ! Love these.


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