Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thrifting: Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, Lanvin, Tory Burch, Burberry, Coach, Tibi, and more!

I have been meaning to put together this post for months now. I've been thrifting a lot less lately, just because I feel like I have too much stuff and I'd rather invest in something/save up. I just ran around my room finding stuff I thrifted but didn't photograph just because I was too lazy to, and I kind of slapped this together. The photos are far from perfect, so I apologize in advance! I am debating selling a few of these things, too. I don't remember the precise prices because I bought this stuff a while ago, but I will do my best to be as accurate as possible.

1. Burberry cashmere pink scarf - $1 (Goodwill)

Not exactly the most classic/easy to wear piece, and I think it might be a kid's scarf because it's kind of on the small side, but I couldn't pass this up.  It will make wintery outfits more fun! ;)

2. Vintage Chanel (?) bracelet - $1 (Church shop)

So I found this at a church thrift shop, but I am not sure if it's authentic or not. I need to have it authenticated on TPF. I'm a bit iffy about posting this, because I am against fakes and I don't condone them, but it can be hard to tell with vintage stuff sometimes and perhaps one of you can help me authenticate it! :)

3. Alice by Temperley dress - $5 (Goodwill)

I love this dress so much! It's super cute and nautical, and it has a cute little bow tie on the back. This was new, but the tag was basically almost completely gone. :(

 4. Tibi Sergennti printed-silk dress - $1 (Animal shop)

These next three things were all from a charity shop whose profits go towards animal charities. The store does this thing where particular items will go on sale for a dollar on random days (like one day it'll be all shoes for $1; sometimes it will be bags; sometimes it will be skirts and pants; etc.). On this particular day, the $1 sale was on dresses and jackets, so I managed to snag three awesome pieces for $3 total. 
This Tibi dress is actually available right now at The Outnet. It retailed for $345, but it's $155 at The Outnet. I love Tibi and I adore the draping on this. I'm not sure that the colors/print are to my taste, but I might resell this. I'm still thinking about it. I can see this with an edgy black leather jacket and maybe some black leather booties. ;)

5. Theory blazer - $1 (Animal shop)

This blazer was brand new and I was completely shocked when I found it. Theory blazers are my favorite, so I have a few of them. I love the lapels, the lining, and the pockets Theory does. They make the perfect blazer in my opinion. And for a dollar? Amazing! I have quite a few Theory blazers and I am proud to say that all of them have been thrifted. My first one was a light gray one from when I was less thrift-savvy, and it was $30. Since then, however, I've acquired a wool blue and gray pinstriped one ($12?), a black one ($7), a blue one ($4), and this one. (I think I'm forgetting something here but c'est la vie.) This one was definitely the best deal!
 You can buy Theory blazers here or here.

 6. Ingwa Melero dress - $1 (Animal shop)

This dress is probably from a couple of years ago, but it was brand new and it was incredibly pretty. It is the perfect dress for an easy summer day. It reminds me of Marilyn Monroe! The dress was hard to photograph but it's basically a halter dress with a crotchet top and a silk ribbon that ties around the neck. The skirt is flowy and pretty, and the back has gorgeous intricate buttons.

 7. Weekend Max Mara jacket (Salvation Army)

I found this brand new jacket at the Salvation Army, and I originally purchased it completely intending to resell it, but now I am debating keeping it. It's a little wrinkled looking because I stupidly folded it up, but yeah. It was $15; they retail for around $400 I believe?

8. Emporio Armani vest - $2 (Salvation Army)

9. Theory tank top - $2 (Goodwill)

Just a simple tank top! I love the olive/army green stripes.

10. Miu Miu dress - $6 (Salvation Army)

This is also wrinkled because I folded it up. :( It is the most beautiful blush pink color and it has a drop waist style. It's easy to layer with (like wearing a top over it and maybe belting it), and I really loved the skirt and color.

11. Salvatore Ferragamo coat - $10 (Salvation Army)

This coat had such a great, classic feel to it, and I fell in love with the buttons. It is definitely vintage. There is something really charming about it. It's cream and navy; the photos didn't do it justice!

12. Prada skirt - $10 (Goodwill? I think)

Probably one of my favorite finds. The photos do not do this gorgeous piece justice. It's a gorgeous tutu skirt by Prada and it is absolutely stunning.

13. J Brand jeggings - $5 (Goodwill)

 14. Rebecca Taylor top - $2 (it was half off) (Salvation Army)

I love the colors of this and I love the way it ties in the back but I don't know if I like the little detail on the front. It looks decent on but I don't know what I'm planning to do with this lol

15. Tory Burch turtleneck - $4 (Goodwill)

I normally don't really like Tory Burch clothes, but this was really cute. It's very nautical, which I can't resist. This is a turtleneck with navy and white stripes. The buttons have the Tory Burch logo on them, which is subtle so it works.

 16. Vintage Lanvin bag - $4? (Salvation Army)

I don't remember how much I bought this for, but I believe it was in the vicinity of $4 or $5. I have a soft spot for vintage bags and this one was really simple and cute so I got it.

17. Vintage Coach Kelly bag - $9 (Goodwill)

Phew! I think I got everything! I'm glad I finally cataloged this for myself haha. I feel like I might be missing a couple of things, but if anything I will feature them later. Tell me what you think! :) Have any of you thrifted anything cool lately? I would love to hear about it! I hope you are all doing well :) xx


  1. your finds are amazing!

  2. Amazing finds, girl! Wow! Which Salvation Army and Goodwill do you go to?


  3. wow lucky girl, you have an amazing taste :)

  4. I want that Ferragam coat! It has a very old Hollywood type of vibe to it! May I borrow it? ;)

    And that Burberry scarf! Oh my goodness, must steal from you!

  5. Wooh nice finds! I like the Tony burch top

  6. Hello,

    Very, very nice findings and much awaited blog post!
    If you are willing to sell the Tibi Sergennti printed-silk dress - $1 (Animal shop) I want to buy it. Please, name a price.
    Thank you!

  7. you should do some outfit posts to see how the clothes look :)

  8. You're so lucky, here where I live the thrift stores are much more expensive than that. :P

  9. I've read all of your posts featuring your thrift store finds, and I can't believe how extremely lucky you get! I'm going to New York next month and I was wondering what some of your favorite thrift stores are? I'm always jealous of the items you find!

  10. omg the theory jacket for $1???? that is amazing. i am definitely going to make a trip there this weekend. thank you so much for sharing :)

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