Sunday, December 18, 2011

"Style is wearing an evening dress to McDonald’s, wearing heels to play football." - John Galliano

I finally picked up Chanel Pirate, and I recently also tried out April, May and June. I must say, I find the three new colors absolutely stunning and I'll be purchasing all of them. Pirate is a really pretty red; every time I catch a glimpse of my hands, I marvel at how nice the color looks!

I really needed new shoes for the gym, as all my Converse were falling apart and looking really downtrodden. I couldn't find a pair of sneakers I liked for the longest time, but I finally saw a pair that was nice, plain, and comfortable. They're from Coach, which I am not too fussed about, because generally I don't like a lot of their things. I used to have a pair of Coach sneakers that were black-on-black Cs, but I lost those. The pair I purchased are also black on black, so you can't see the logo unless the light hits the shoes at a certain angle, which I'm thankful for, because I don't want to be walking around with my feet emblazoned with a logo. You can hardly tell that these are anything but black when I wear them. :)

My favorite part is the inside - I love that pattern. I'm not loving the soles lol.

I also got new headphones. I go through headphones like crazy.

My mom had to go to Bath & Body Works to get gifts for co-workers and I bought myself five of their little hand sanitizer gel things. A few friends of mine have them, and they make your hands smell really good lol! Some of the wintery ones smelled kind of horrible - I generally like cookie and chocolate smells (especially for Philosophy's body wash...mmm!) but those smelled bizarre on my hands. I got three wintery "flavors" (Berry Twinkle, Winter Chiffon, and Vanilla Bean Noel), as well as two regular ones (Fresh[ly] Picked Strawberries and Japanese Cherry Blossom).
I also went to VS. Hooray for cute underwear!

I thrifted this DvF blazer that fits nice and oversized and has white silk on the inside of the sleeves that I can roll up. It's wool. The detailing on it is incredible! I couldn't resist buying it because it was really cheap (only a few dollars) but I really don't need any more blazers. Unless they're a pretty blush pink or white and absolutely perfect. I think I have over twenty blazers....yeah, unnecessary. -_-

I got this little G of the Sea fragrance by Harujuku Lovers....

I also got a shirt from Vena Cava for Aqua but I'm too lazy to go and take photos of it right now, LOL. I'm sooo tired today. I have two more finals (biology and business law) and then hello, vacation!

I've been trying on different outfits to get me excited for warmer weather....tell me what you think of this one! (Obviously unaccessorized lol)

It's probably really hard to see the details because it's webcam quality, but the blouse is very intricate. It's from Leifsdottir, and the skirt is Marc by Marc Jacobs. :)


  1. I really liked the shoes and the skirt, oh and the nail polish :'D x!

  2. I love your shoes! Also I'm a long time lover of your blog AND your tumblr, I used some of your thrifting tips and thrifted a Juicy Couture Velour hoodie for $4. Keep up the good work!!

  3. How much were the shoes?

  4. You've inspired me to go Panty shopping ;-) I also need more blazers 20 isn't too many!


  5. can you give me some thrifting tips?


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