Friday, September 16, 2011

"We all get dressed for Bill." -Anna Wintour

I have to say, this year's FNO was the worst so far...
We went to Manolo Blahnik first but wound up being discouraged by the huge line to meet Sarah Jessica Parker. We then headed to Juicy Couture, which was probably the highlight of the night...I got a free perfume sample and a student from Parson's sketched my outfit.
 Viva La Juicy is one of my favorite perfumes and I'm dying to get a full size bottle of it! So far, I only have this and a roll on that's running out. :(

 It also came with this adorable hair clip/bow thing! :)
After Juicy Couture, we headed uptown and went to Tiffany & Co., where Leighton Meester was supposed to perform at 8. We waited for around an hour and a half for her to finally come on stage, which was not enjoyable. She performed five songs and was really cute and sweet, but it wasn't as fun as I'd anticipated, probably because her songs had kind of a country/Taylor Swift-y feel, which is not my favorite genre of music.
Tiffany & Co. also had a photo booth. They printed the photos for us, e-mailed them to us, and displayed them on a big screen at the store, which was pretty cool.
We headed to Chanel afterwards and I picked up the three exclusive FNO "Les Jeans" colors, which were $29 instead of the average $25 for Chanel nail polish. Here they are:
Honestly, these are some of the loveliest blues I've ever seen for nail polish. Generally I'm not a huge fan of blue nails, but these are lovely. I am probably going to pick up Peridot on Saturday. The color has really grown on me!
Here is Coco Blue, which might just be my favorite.
Blue Boy
Blue Rebel
After Chanel, we walked around and wound up at DKNY after a pit-stop at Ann Taylor for appetizers. They were serving beer at DKNY and it was a nice atmosphere. My bf and I picked up FNO goodies. Since I already have a tee and a tank from the previous FNOs, I opted for the gray long sleeved shirt this year.
 They also gave me these complimentary buttons in my bag; I think they might've given me more by accident or something:
I'm so obsessed with nail polish now. My Chanel collection is growing and growing. Next on my wishlist are peridot, rose insolent, orange fizz, vamp, black satin, black pearl, particuliere, and imperial. There are also quite a few OPI colors I want, but all in due time! Here is my current Chanel nail polish collection, which was started like this month LOL!
Hope you are all doing great! xx


  1. waooow! such an amazing FNO! love your allll shopping!

    follow me back?

  2. Out of the trio, I like coco blue the best too! :)

  3. I'm glad your goodies made the night redeemable. The one time I've gone I didn't have a good time either because of all the waiting.


  4. I wish I'll be like you someday... I really love how you do the shopping.

  5. i wish chanel les jeans was available in my country ! =[


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