Friday, August 12, 2011

"You live but once; you might as well be amusing." -Coco Chanel

I'm finally going to do an update on all of the stuff I've bought recently! :) First, I'd like to show you my thrift store finds:
I fell in love with this oversized Piazza Sempione blazer and the blue interior.

This BCBG Max Azria top looks amazing on; I love the sleeves :) It looks wrinkled in the photo for some reason :/
This Theory Bergdorf Goodman exclusive cashmere sweater is so comfy! It reminds me of the Jil Sander cashmere sweater that I scored for $3.

Finally, here is the Elizabeth and James Holiday skirt I found:
I fell in love with it because it reminded me of a tutu. It's the perfect party skirt!
All of the items above were a mere $25 (altogether).

I also got a few more things thrifting. I found Salvatore Ferragamo flats that were pretty much brand new, albeit without the box, for $20. I took these photos after wearing them quite a lot lol!

I also got a blazer from Theory and a blazer from Emporio Armani for $10 together. Emporio Armani blazers/jackets are around $1,000, so I think I did pretty well! :)

I love that the interior of most Theory blazers is white, as I like to roll up the sleeves :)

I bought a few things on sale at a local boutique, as well.

 This Pencey dress is long sleeved and has a gorgeous skirt. It's called the "window dress."

 Pencey dresses are generally $200-$300, but I scored this one new for $25. :)

I got dark gray Marc by Marc Jacobs pants; perfect for fall/winter! :)

They were $228, but I got them for $29. :)

I love the simplicity of the pants. There is no back pocket design, which is awesome. They're very understated, apart from this tiny stitched MJ on the front pocket:

 I'm obsessed with this new Alice + Olivia shirt that I got. It's the perfect nude pink and the sleeves are to die for! Photographs don't capture the sleeves well, but perhaps I'll take some modeling pictures. :)

This shirt was almost $200, but I got it for around $80.

I also went to Victoria's Secret; I don't really like VS much anymore but I had a $75 gift card and I couldn't resist buying some cute new underwear....

I bought three thongs in this style:

I also got three other pairs (I did the standard 5 for $25 thing and also got another pair on top of that).

I've always loathed animal print, but lately I've taken a liking to cheetah and leopard print; I don't know why. I will always hate zebra print though. So the underwear above and the ones below are my first venture into animal print territory...

I love the lace on the back of these, and the bows on the front! :)

I also got my first bottle of Chanel nail polish! I purchased one of the new colors - graphite. I can't wait to use it! :)

At VS, I also bought new stuff for the gym.
I got a sports bra:

and some yoga pants:

For spending over $75, they gave me a free VS bag that I am not sure what to do with... It's a travel bag, so I suppose it will come in handy?

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer! xo


  1. I loved everything you bought!

  2. i have to ask, where on earth do you find all of these amazing pieces?! Love everything you got, specially that blazer!

  3. like, like, like them!

  4. You're awesome in finding gems at a bargain!! How did you do it?!

    I love the tutu skirt ALOT! :) It's my favourite amongst your loot. The Chanel nail polish is also making me swoon. I've been tempted to buy a bottle..just couldn't decide on the colour yet.

    I'm different from you. I love zebra prints :) Followed by Leopard prints. But zebra print stuff are not that easy to find though.

  5. Where do you go thrifting at?! I love everything you bought! Fabulous.

  6. OMG, where did you find all those stuffs?! They are SO CHEAP! Lucky you! Ugh, in my country, you can't even dream about designer clothes for those price...
    xo xo

  7. My goodness, absolutely drooling over your finds! **Bows down**. Really sweet blog you have too, came over from tumblr.

  8. omg i am sooo jealous where do you get these amazing deals??

  9. are you going to tell us where you thrift, or not? Selfish.


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