Monday, April 18, 2011

“There's no Chanel collection without black. (It) will never exist. Who can live without some black clothes?” -Karl Lagerfeld

This post is going to be dedicated to a few things in my closet that I'm excited about wearing this spring :)

One of my favorite brands is Leifsdottir. The clothes are so delicate and feminine. The photograph above is a cashmere sweater from Leifsdottir. It's really light and girly - perfect for spring, especially since New York's spring isn't particularly warm this year.

I'm also a huge fan of dresses. Dresses make you look so put-together, yet they are so easy to put on/wear/accessorize!
I'm excited to wear this Diane von Furstenberg dress; I love DvF. This dress's belt is supposed to be tied into a bow.
This Isli dress is really sexy. Paired with a cute oversized blazer and some flats or heels, it's perfect for a spring day :)

Marc by Marc Jacobs is another one of my favorite closet contains wayyy too much MbMJ. This dress is really cute :)
I don't get why MbMJ clothes run so large and why the shoes run so small!
Below is the notorious Alice + Olivia dress...I couldn't get a decent photograph of either dress (I have two different styles in the same print), so I just photographed the amazing watercolor-esque flower print:
More dresses below!
I couldn't get a decent picture of my Dolce & Gabbana dress; but when I wear it I'll upload one. Basically, it's kind of a button up shirt top with nice sleeves and a cute belt, as well as a really intricate skirt. 
Below is one of my favorite dresses; it's from Robert Rodriguez (love this brand) Black Label:

I have two leather jackets, one from Diesel and one from Vince:

I also have a red Burberry raincoat:
It looks so cute when it's belted, especially with Burberry rainboots :)

I also have a trench coat (alas, not from Burberry...though I might buy myself a cropped Burberry trench soon) from Valentino R.E.D. I haven't worn it yet, but I'll put up pictures when I do ;) teaser picture! Haha

I love skirts, as well. Below is one of my tweed skirts:
This skirt is so Chanel-looking (wish I could afford a Chanel suit!), but it's from Rebecca Taylor.

I also have a blue tweed pencil skirt from Nanette Lepore, but for some reason only a picture of the tag uploaded...I'll add in a picture later :)

Next I'm going to do a post about things I've bought recently!

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  1. I love your Burberry red rain coat I have been looking for it for age's and I can't seen to find it or anything remotely resembling, I would love to have something similar.


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