Monday, May 30, 2011

“I don't design clothes, I design dreams.” -Ralph Lauren

I am officially DONE shopping for clothing as of now. Firstly, I've spent the last of my money. Secondly, I have more clothing than I can fit in my apartment, let alone my closet. Thirdly, I need to save up for the bags I want! So here are the last few things I've purchased:
I bought the Loeffler Randall sandals I wanted! :)
They are really cute and will be very useful to me, as I only have one other pair of brown sandals (my Giuseppe Zanottis) and I don't want to destroy them. Apart from that, I have gold Stuart Weitzman sandals, my new Diors, gray Belle by Sigerson Morrison sandals, and white KORS Michael Kors sandals. I have way too many pairs of summer shoes, especially if you count my extensive collection of, needless to say, spending more money on shoes is unwarranted.
I also bought two pretty picture frames for my room but I forgot to take photos of them :( I got myself a Brooks Brothers leather belt, as well:
It's really cute and perfect for cinching your waist :)
Now, on to the clothes that I bought!
I got a skirt from Sport Max, a subdivision of Max Mara. I love Max Mara; I have so many clothes from there, and from the other Max Mara lines like Sport Max and Weekender. 
This skirt looks so perfect and free; a lot of the clothes I bought were more bohemian. My style ranges from relaxed bohemian stuff to really uptight frilly and classic stuff. But New York has been so hot the past few days that I just want loose clothes so that I can breathe without dying...
I also bought a skirt from See by Chloe!
They gave me the hanger it came on, which made me bizarrely happy. I don't have enough hangers anyway; I need to buy some more....
Finally, I bought an oversized t shirt from Vince. I liked the pattern on it and I wanted something with a more relaxed fit, which is bizarrely completely NOT my style, and yet I liked it. 
It is a really comfortable t shirt. I love Vince...
Finally, I bought a plain black Versace Jeans Couture t shirt. I couldn't get a decent picture of it because my camera wouldn't focus for some reason, so I just snapped a shot of the color. It has the Grecian meander pattern (thank you, art history) that Versace is famous for. It's a great basic and very subtly Versace:
Now, I am officially going to try my best to ban myself from shopping. Knowing me, it won't happen, but it's worth a try!


  1. Oh my god girl!! Those shoes are off the hook. I know what you mean about killing the shoes, sometimes I love a shoes so much that I wear them back to back to back and then I kill them. I need to take pointers from you and change it up a bit.


  2. Thank you! <3 Yeah, I really need to start alternating what shoes I wear more...I have so many but I wind up just wearing a couple of pairs because they're the most comfortable ones! So I buy more pairs to alternate and not destroy them :)

  3. Gorgeous sandals! I know what you mean! I'm actually pretty good at banning myself from shopping now but before, I was out of control! xoxoo

  4. I see you've done a lot of damage (to your purse). But oh well, the wardrobe will thank you for feeding it well? *wink*

  5. Lol, hopefully I'll be able to control myself this time ;)
    And yes, my wardrobe was hungry but now it's going on a diet >:) haha!
    thank you for all of your lovely comments<333


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