Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sporadic Snapshots: Food, New York, and Fashion

When I'm on the go, I snap a lot of photos with my iPhone. It's probably a major nuisance to everyone I am with, but I enjoy taking photos and I am not at all picky about what I photograph. (This is a nice way to say I take photos of absolutely everything and everyone probably hates me for it. ;P) Here are some shots from the past couple of weeks! :) If you like them, you may also enjoy my instagram, which I shall shamelessly plug yet again - my username is MissYanaCherie. If I decide to make these posts a common occurrence, I feel I ought to name them. For now, they have been deemed "Sporadic Snapshots." Thank you for reading! :)

Let's start off with shots of New York. I feel immensely touristy taking these, but lately I've gotten over that.
 1. The Louis Vuitton store in Soho
 2. Times Square, my least favorite part of the city. It's too crowded and hot, everything is overpriced, and it's just a crazy jungle. Also, everyone walks way too slowly. (Tell us how you really feel, Yana....)

 3. Central Park. The buildings are inescapable....

 4. ...but they do make for beautiful reflections.

 5. My duck friends ;)

6. I found this tree intriguing. 

The next three photos were taken on a nature trail! I went on a little adventure. :P

Now, on to one of my favorite! :)

 1. I got breakfast with my best friend Audrey at an adorable little place. :)
Breakfast is my favorite meal. Well, no. Brunch is my favorite meal. It's breakfast food during the day....lazy and delicious. I could probably eat only breakfast for my entire life and feel incredibly fulfilled, both spiritually and in terms of physical hunger...

This photo is blurry, and I apologize. Clearly I couldn't stay in one place due to all the excitement I felt.

2. Macarons!

 This is the part where I tell you I want to go to Laduree because nothing else compares....

3. Mango Kani Salad

4. Ginza roll, meet salmon skin roll.

5. What my boyfriend ordered :)

6. Frozen yogurt with Anna, another one of my best friends :)

7. Sushi by myself :'( I shared it with my mom but it just wasn't the same......

8. Frozen yogurt with Anna....(Am I sensing a pattern?)

9. Sushi with Anna!

10. Thai food with Anna and her sister Beatrice (as well as her sister's friend Maria)
 This is seriously the most amazing combination of food and I order it every time.

11. My favorite meals - surprise breakfasts courtesy of my incredibly sweet boyfriend. 
Breakfast number one: peppers, cucumbers, gummy bear vitamins (he cares about my health....hence the bacon :P), and a bacon, egg and cheese.
Breakfast number two: bacon and pancakes with homemade whipped cream. As well as coffee topped with homemade whipped cream. Amazing.

We also baked some cookies. Please take a moment to admire my incredible decorating talents. I am a connoisseur of M&M placement. Do not feel inadequate - only the most skilled artisans of M&M placement can achieve this clearly unattainable level of perfection. 

I will be offering classes on M&M placement in the next few months. These will run about three billion dollars per minute. If you think this is unfair, you need to reevaluate your priorities and ask yourself why your chocolate chip and M&M cookies don't have as much pizzazz as mine do.

 12. Lunch with my mommy :)

And finally, the part that is most relevant to my blog - random fashion-and-makeup-related shots!
 My Lanvin sandals and Audrey's Giuseppe Zanotti sandals :D

 A neon-esque mint manicure! I'm not sure what color this was exactly, but I am fairly confident that it's called "Summer Rain" and is by the brand Duri. I love the color, but the application seemed arduous even for the wonderful lady who does my nails, and her skills surpass mine tenfold. I don't know how well I would be able to apply this; it was kind of a bizarre formula. I may purchase it though, because the color is awesome!

Post-shopping with Anna. I got a lip gloss, she got some makeup, and we picked out a bag for her mom, which was fun! :D I had to hold on to her mom's bag for a couple of days because it was a surprise :)

 Chanel Rose Exuberant.

My LV Speedy wanted to be a model so I entertained her clearly, she is a living, breathing person with actual aspirations that have not been invented by my overactive imagination at 3 am......

 She was honored to be worthy of Instagram. She cried for hours afterwards until I finally zipped her up. 

At Saks, sneakily trying to get a shot of some amazing McQueen shoes:

 This photo opportunity was so promising but I chickened out and just took this underwhelming shot:

 A wish list item:

 I picked up my first Dolce & Gabbana makeup product ever - a nail polish (surprise, surprise). I believe this one is simply named "Mint."

I hope you are all doing well and I hope you enjoyed this post. :)
Wishing you all the best, as always!
xo Yana


  1. OMG those pumps are to de for :O

    Love India

  2. The D&G nail polish is gorgeous! What a beautiful selection of photographs! I love hearing about your adventures in NYC :) Reading this makes me want to go back! I love the AM flats- the wine/burgundy shade is perfect for fall/winter this year :)

  3. Oohh lovely photos, I'm going to NYC next week and your pictures have made me excited! Looks so pretty and the food looks so delicious! oh and i love your sandals! xo

  4. Haha, your M&M class sounds so promising and totally worth the charge! (:

    Also, lovely nail polish colors you're wearing. Nice job getting your boyfriend to cook for you too!

  5. i still cannot get over how beautiful your balenciaga is! so jealous!! and your food pics are making me hungry.

  6. New York City looks so beautiful :)

  7. Love all these pictures...
    the nail polish colors all look fun and the Dior mint one looks perfect for fall!!

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