Thursday, April 12, 2012

"I'm constantly looking for perfection." -Yves Saint Laurent

 YSL, YSL, oh YSL, why have you come out with such mesmerizing Arty Oval rings? I just made a post about my new blue and gunmetal Arty ring, and here I am making a post about my new mint colored one. I first spotted this ring on the Saks website, but it was sold out. I searched for it everywhere, checking the YSL website, Saks, MyTheresa, and other sites every day. Finally, the day before the price increase, I found it at Ssense. It was $250 and I got it without sales tax (since it was from Canada) and with free shipping. I was so excited! It shipped very quickly and I am super pleased with it.
The stone is so beautiful - the mint is perfect for spring, and the little lilac and gold flecks are just the perfect touch.

My Arty collection so far:
This new silver one is a little lighter than the blue one, which is more of a gunmetal color.
I would obviously never wear all three like this, but I thought this would be a good comparison shot:

Taken with my iPhone:
You can buy this ring from Saks, MyTheresa, or All the sites are great! I didn't quite plan to get two Artys but the two rings I've purchased were just too beautiful to pass up.


  1. Damn, got to have one of those! Pretty colors :)

  2. What nail polish are you wearing?

    1. Hi Rhea! Thanks for stopping by. :) The color is Turquoise & Caicos by Essie =D


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