Friday, October 28, 2011

"Perfume, like your clothes, can so much express your personality." -Christian Dior, from The Little Dictionary of Fashion

Above are the three perfumes I've purchased/gotten in the past few months - Miss Dior Cherie, Juicy Couture's original scent, and Treson In Love by Lancome. The latter was gifted to my mom, but she is very picky about her perfumes and it was too strong for her, so she gave it to me!


The perfume came in this gift set, complete with lotion and shower gel. :)
The next perfumes I want are J'adore Dior and So Hooked on Carmella by Benefit. Macy's has a great gift set with a purse spray and a full size bottle of J'adore Dior that I am really coveting. I've also recently become enamored with Benefit's scents!
This little book is absolutely amazing! You may have noticed that I've been using quotes from the book as titles. It's full of interesting stuff and I highly recommend it!
Also, hooray for new magazines!

I tried to be creative in giving myself a manicure this week. I used Chanel's Les Jeans colors and the silver/white Juicy Couture glitter polish. The main color on my nails is Blue Boy, and on my ring fingers I did a gradient using all three Chanel shades with glitter on top. Tell me what you think!
New York City is supposedly getting snow this weekend. Snow in October? I guess I'll be staying home and trying out Orange Fizz!
I hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend!
xo Yana


  1. Blue Boy seems to turn out a little greyish blue?
    I saw in my local mag, the trio of blue nail polish from Chanel and thought Blue Boy would be the most versatile. :)

  2. Your nails are so pretty:3I love how u did the gradient with glitter:)!!

  3. Love the accent nails! That perfume bottle is very pretty =]

  4. OMG I need this book! <3 Do you know where can I order it online? :)


  5. Thank you so much everyone!
    Plami, you can order it on Amazon! :)


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