Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"I think it is as important for a woman to have beautiful perfume as it is for her to have beautiful clothes." -Christian Dior, from The Little Dictionary of Fashion

I finally ordered a perfume I've been wanting for ages, and at a great price, too!
I love the original Juicy perfume and Viva La Juicy. Both are such sweet, girly scents, and I find them to be long-wearing. Originally I wanted to just buy the full size 3.4 oz bottles of each for $89 a bottle. Then I saw a great gift set deal for $95! Here is what it entails:

So it came with the 3.4 ounce perfume, frothy shower gel, body sorbet (body lotion), and a purse spray - all for $95, which is an AWESOME deal. The Juicy Couture website has a similar set for the same price, albeit without the purse spray.
I'm really excited about the purse spray since i love carrying around perfume with me.
I don't think I'm going to take off the necklace on the bottle.
I actually ordered this from Macy's, and while I was not really a fan of Macy's before for a few reasons, I was really impressed and have definitely changed my opinions of them!
I love the box that the set came in :)
Macy's also sent me a bunch of samples for free with my order from the Beauty department, which was awesome, because I got some perfumes I've been wanting to try!
Lola by MJ is a perfume I've smelled before but never really tried on myself. I love the Viva La Juicy & Coach Poppy scents, so yay! :)
I love Calvin Klein Euphoria, so I'm excited to try out Forbidden Euphoria.
I'm going to give these cologne samples to either my dad or my boyfriend :)
I've been having a rough couple of days, but I had a little pick-me-up today; I went to Laduree with my mom and also got a manicure. I love this color! It's a gorgeous sparkly deep red :)

Here are some of my other perfumes:

What's your favorite perfume/scent? What kind of scents do you like? :)


  1. my favourite perfume is chanel chance <3

  2. I love Chanel Chance! That's another one on my wishlist haha - that and Coco Mademoiselle! I can't stand No. 5 though :P

  3. My favorite Perfume is "Miss Dior" I Love how its smell and I also Love "Agua" from Emporio Aramni :) Have a amazing week.
    -Re ( reesquivelg.tumblr.com )

  4. Ah Miss Dior Cherie? That's one of my favorites! :) I also love J'adore Dior. Dior and Chanel make really great perfumes in general I think. I have never smelled Agua but I will definitely check it out now! Thank you for the recommendation! <3

  5. Oh I love the perfumes by Juicy Couture! Right now I am using Miss Dior Cherie (which I see you have, I absolutely love it!) And my mom is wearing a really great one too called Saharienne by YSL. I have two perfumes on my wishlist: Valentina by Valentino, for my mom, and Coco Mademoiselle for me :)

  6. I am in love with Dior Cherie L'eau and Chanel Chance eau Tendre. Perfection. I've never actually smelled any Juicy Couture perfumes but might just have to give it a try!

  7. Mary, you and I have the exact same taste lol! <3

    Sofia, I recommend you try the original Juicy Couture scent and Viva La Juicy! I am not a huge fan of their other fragrances :/

    Thank you for the comments! <3

  8. i love miss dior cherie and j´adore :) but my favorite one is fantasy from britney spears ahah i love its smell.you should try it out

  9. my favorites are Prada candy and Coco Mademoiselle! My mom has it so I sneak some every now and then (:
    I'm planning on buying the coach poppy and vera wang princess scents verryyy soon

  10. Viva La Juicy smells like an old lady. Couture Couture SO much better.

  11. Gaby, you named two of my faves! ;) I need to get my hands on J'adore Dior. I've never really smelled Fantasy!

    I need to smell Prade Candy too haha! Vera Wang Princess is awesome; I have it and it's one of my favorites, though I'm trying to conserve it lol. Poppy smells good, too! I think Viva La Juicy or J'adore Dior are next on my wishlist, but I want to get Poppy, as well.

    And anon, I actually think the opposite haha! Couture Couture smells really old and weird to me. But everyone has different taste! :)

  12. Omg Yana, we totally do <3 i miss talking to you, how have you been? <3

  13. My favorite is Viva La Juicy! Definitely get it! This set looks nice, too. Pretty photos Yana<3

  14. I just want Oh lola! by Marc and Oh god thats such a good price i wanted to buy the VIVA LA JUICY but it was 80 and only the perfume

  15. Do you have a TJ Maxx near you? I got that same gift set for only $49 there!


  16. I do somewhere near me. Really? Lol congrats! Was yours also a 3.4 fl oz bottle? :)


Your feedback is appreciated! I love reading your comments! :)