Sunday, March 6, 2011

“Dressing is a way of life.” -Yves Saint Laurent

As always, I've gone shopping. It's remarkable how I manage to shop even when I literally have NO MONEY!

I bought this cute shirt from MbMJ. Originally it was $138, I got it for $30. I love the detail on the top. It's a very whimsical fabric, it's a very bright orangey red and it has little speckles on it that are only visible when you look closely.

I also purchased this very pretty ring. It was on sale for $19.

I got two Juicy Couture bikinis....tops were each originally $116, bottoms were $98. I got the tops for $36 and the bottoms for $30-ish. 
I bought this D&G bra to match my D&G thong (I like having matching sets).
I also bought this Cosabella thong.

Finally, I bought boots! They're not the perfect leather boots I wanted, but they're cute. These are from Dolce Vita, and I think they were originally $300-$400 but I got them for $69.

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